Stay connected 保持聯絡

Many of us have spent a lot of time on the phone either browsing or creating posts that make a lot sense to you but are you over doing it? Being busy moms, we do want to stay connected while struggling to take care of the kids and the houses. Here are some tools that can make your social media life easy:



An online graphic design platform that is easy yet professional, is absolutely free with some stock photos which may costs a dollar or two. It allows you to upload your own photos too and then add any texts or words you like. It also provides templates which fit the different social media channels so you don’t need to deal with the hassle of cropping the images.



Weather you want a stunning shot of city view or a stylish hip look of the vibrant millennials, has them all in professional quality. You could type in the keyword to search or just navigate through its collection to get what you need. Most are free even for commercial use.

無論你需要一幅吸引的香港夜景或是一幅型格活躍的千禧世代,你在 也可以找到。你只需要以關鍵詞搜索或遊覽它的特選相集,也可以找到一副合意的,當中大部分也是免費的!

3. WordPress

Of course, I cannot do it without WordPress, an online free platform for blog and website builder. Easy to use with many plugins and options to make your website or blog a stunning professional one. I am still a novice user but it’s good enough to get by.

提到社交媒體小工具當然不能錯過WordPress 這個費用全免的網頁及網誌設計平台。既方便又易用加上多個選項能幫助你製作出一個專業的網頁。雖然我只是一個初學者,但是已經足夠製造出這一個網頁。

About the contributor 投稿者檔案

Ever since she has been a mother, Lena has put aside her career and focus on her children. Although she has left her job, Lena has never given up her own dream. With the children start schooling now, she has returned but this time working for herself and helping others dreams come true.

Lena is a Canadian Hong Konger. She was previously working for a number of asset management firms and was chartered as CFA. A mother of two daughters, Lena works as a business consultant helping small business to grow.



Connect with Lena (Facebook / Instagram): @lenaymwong