What’s your superpower? 你有什麼超能力?

Many would say you are too busy being mom with 2 young girls, how could you even start a business? Indeed there are countless reasons why a mom is best suited to be an entrepreneur, here are just a few of them:


Time management 時間管理

Motherhood does not make us less ambitious. Being mom just makes us more flexible and adaptive to changes.   We need to manage our own schedules and knowing how to joggle things around to cater for the children’s schedules.    We can always handle unexpected issues and prioritise things such as dinner with in-laws or parent-teacher meetings.   Likewise, running your own business also requires the same time management skill – which would not be otherwise any more difficult than dealing with a mother’s schedule.


Multitasking 同步應付多項事務

Loads of studies already proved how women are better multitaskers than men; women with children are definitely the black belt master of multi-tasking.   Constantly kids are calling for their mothers all the time and the wonderful law of attraction makes the young siblings yell and scream even louder.   An entrepreneur often begins with a start up and often being one man company so undoubtedly is required to have 4 hands at any point in time so having an extra task or two from running a business is not any big of a deal for any mother.


Delegation 知人善任

In most households, the ladies are the ones calling the shots and allocating the job duties and tasks to the rest of the family members.   Delegation is more than just telling others what to do but also requires instructing, motivating, monitoring and appreciating.   It is not good delegation without clear instructions to be followed and you also need motivations (often incentives) to encourage.   Delegating does not mean you are completely hands off; you need to monitor the progress to make sure it is on the right track.   Of course we always need to show appreciation to the people who are helping around us.     Being one’s own boss, an entrepreneur also needs to know how to outsource certain tasks and jobs to others, allowing herself to focus on what she is best at.


Adequate EQ 適中的情緒智商

Often time as moms, we need to deal with our own problems but at the same time pamper the kids’ emotions.    Our stress level tends to go up and down with that of the kids’.    Having adequate EQ makes it possible to manage the elevating demands and requests from the children.   An entrepreneur is often working in high pressure environment – joggling many miscellaneous things, meeting different deadlines, handling multiple challenges.


Do I have any super power? 我是否有任何超能力?

Hell no, I’m just a mom. 傻的嗎,我只是一位媽媽。

About the contributor 投稿者檔案

Ever since she has been a mother, Lena has put aside her career and focus on her children. Although she has left her job, Lena has never given up her own dream. With the children start schooling now, she has returned but this time working for herself and helping others dreams come true.

Lena is a Canadian Hong Konger. She was previously working for a number of asset management firms and was chartered as CFA. A mother of two daughters, Lena works as a business consultant helping small business to grow.



Connect with Lena (Facebook / Instagram): @lenaymwong

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