Sharing is caring 共享共勉

Being the third child at home, it was never an option to me not to share. In the great scheme of things though, willingness to share has made me a better person. I volunteer a lot and am always willing to help others without asking for any rewards. In return, I often receive more than what I have contributed.


The idea of sharing at a professional setting is nothing new. From attending conference to learn from experts sharing to working at co-working space to share common areas, sharing can make good use of existing resources and maximise the benefits for a greater mass.


In scare supply of land in cities like Hong Kong, sharing should also be used extensively. We can see the emergence of shared bikes in the city which can bring convenience and release some traffic congestion in this crowded place. The evolution of co-living communities is also tackling the problems of raising housing price. With limited spaces in this town, there’s a strong need to seek solutions to best utilise our materials and minimise the idle time to waste any unused resources.


The expansion of businesses on sharing resources also brings upon many challenges. The co-living spaces are seen as a modern version of rip off like those divided flats. The extremely small units are just another form of gimmicks to make money from those often young or elderly who cannot afford proper housings.


Shared bike companies also face another obstacle. With convenience of sharing bicycles anywhere in town, we could also see the bikes being left on the streets in different areas of the city. This has created lot of concerns by local districts to deal with then valuable resources now rusty junks laying around the neighbourhood.


The sharing community also comes with a price. As global citizen, we all need to be considerate when using any resources not to mentioned those which are said to be shared among many others. Let’s share and care for others to build a betterment for the greater community.


About the contributor 投稿者檔案

Ever since she has been a mother, Lena has put aside her career and focus on her children. Although she has left her job, Lena has never given up her own dream. With the children start schooling now, she has returned but this time working for herself and helping others dreams come true.

Lena is a Canadian Hong Konger. She was previously working for a number of asset management firms and was chartered as CFA. A mother of two daughters, Lena works as a business consultant helping small business to grow.



Connect with Lena (Facebook / Instagram): @lenaymwong

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