Glad to be home


I made a choice to stay home taking care of the children ever since my elder one was born and that was the biggest and best ever decision I have ever made. When you tell others you are just a stay at home mom (SAHM) or full time mom (FTM), people often think you don’t have to work. Nah… you work harder than anyone else.


Leaving my last job which was paying me a decent salary was not easy but I have not regret any moment of it. Certainly I miss the actions at a workplace and there were times when I wish to return to the work force.


This year when the opportunity came, I decided to start my own businesses so I can take lead in having my own venture while having the flexibility. I could manage my time better, say taking a month to take my children back to Canada to spend time with my folks, or go to the office only 3 times a day while manage my work at nights on the other days.


Being there for the kids when they are young mean a lot to me. I could see them grow and also adopt to new things in life. Many parents also agree kids learn a lot of things from their peers – both good and bad. We have all been there – picking up all the nasty tricks from our fellow classmates and best friends in school. And if I were not there to spot those new tricks my 4 years old has picked up from her BFF, they will get by and become her habits. Overtime her habits will turn into her personality giving her the character she will grow up to.


I was home the other day after school to spend the afternoon with my kids when I noticed my fours year old had some small pieces of toy parts in her hand. I could tell they are not from our home so I asked her what were they. At first she was reluctant to tell me what they were. Later she admitted she got them from her school because her BFF told her no one would notice even if they took them away! I was stunned to see 4-5 years old would have that kind of ideas. We had eventually sought out a remedy by bringing those small pieces back to her teacher after a long talk about how we should not be taking things which do not belong to us.


It may seem like a small chapter to many people but I see that a potential life changer turning point that can start a new habit for my girl. Should I be working a 9-6 job, I would not be able to spot that and do any immediate action to rectify it.


Perhaps I am doing two jobs as a full time mom yet an early business starter, but I have the full control of my own time to be there at home for them whenever I want or when I’m needed.


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Ever since she has been a mother, Lena has put aside her career and focus on her children. Although she has left her job, Lena has never given up her own dream. With the children start schooling now, she has returned but this time working for herself and helping others dreams come true.

Lena is a Canadian Hong Konger. She was previously working for a number of asset management firms and was chartered as CFA. A mother of two daughters, Lena works as a business consultant helping small business to grow.



Connect with Lena (Facebook / Instagram): @lenaymwong

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