KiDtrepreneur CAN-DO has made it!

小小創業們經過一個週末的辛勞,終於可以將善款和玩具全部捐贈至 明愛綠色小腳板。多謝各位善長和小朋友支持!下次「開檔」再見!

KiDtrepreneurs CAN-DO! After a weekend of hard work, we have donated the proceeds and the toys to Caritas Green Baby now.

Thank you for the generosity of all donors and children. Until next time, Merry Christmas.


For more details about Caritas Green Baby, please visit:-


Address: Rm.15A 3/F Block C Hong Kong Industrial Centre
No. 489-491 Castle Peak Road Kowloon


Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-6:00 (Closed on Public Holiday)