Future Work in Hong Kong ~ way forward to family friendly policies in workplaces

Hong Kong as one of the most well developed global financial centers is far lagging behind in terms of female participants in the workforce especially at the senior level. Only 1 in 7 board of directors of HKEx listed companies in Hong Kong is female that is far behind other developed countries in the region. In 2017 only 55% of the women in Hong Kong are in the workforce also lagging behind Mainland China (61.5%), Singapore (59.8%) and Japan (69.7%). Gender biases, social and family pressures for women to be primary carers, and the lack of work-life balance are among some reasons why women don’t stay in the workforce. Time to call for REAL ACTION.

香港作為最發達的全球金融中心之一,在女性勞動力參與者方面遠遠落後,特別是在高層。香港交易所上市公司的董事會中,只有七分之一是女性,遠遠落後於該地區的其他發達國家。 2017年,香港只有55%的女性勞動力也落後於中國大陸(61.5%),新加坡(59.8%)和日本(69.7%)。性別偏見,婦女成為主要照顧者的社會和家庭壓力以及缺乏工作與生活的平衡是婦女不留在工作崗位的一些原因。是時候召喚真正的行動了。

What could we do to see improvement in this figure?

  • Could the government intervene help?
  • Can companies have more family friendly policies?
  • What role could professional bodies play?
  • How much can the social sector help?


政府能否介入幫助? 公司可以有更多適合家庭的政策嗎? 專業團體可以扮演什麼角色? 社會部門可以提供多少幫助?

For the first time, we are bringing together all stakeholders: corporate, government, non profit organisations and professional bodies to call Hong Kong for action to bring a more family friendly working environment.


Date: May 10, 2019 Friday

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm

  • Registration and Opening
  • Panel “Issues and Challenges facing to have more family friendly workplace”
  • Roundtable Discussion “Real Actions for Hong Kong”
  • Wrap up and conclusion

Venue: EY office, 22/F, CITIC Tower, 1 Tim Mei Avenue, Central

The event will be conducted mainly in English supplement in Cantonese.

A panel composed of senior executive from MNC, policy maker, entrepreneur, representatives from professional body and social welfare sector will kick start the event followed by round table discussions led by local leaders to put together a master plan for Hong Kong moving forward.

Target participants: representatives from government departments, human resources personnel and gender equality advocates, non profit organization, professional bodies

REGISTER HERE: http://www.futureworkinHK.eventbrite.com

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