Letting the little hands make magic

On a Sunday morning, we drove to Sai Kung. It’s not a day for junk boat trip nor seafood feast, it was a a time for the 6 year old to explore what she can do with her little hands. We arrived 15minutes earlier to this nice organic store in Sai Kung facing the nice Seaview, greeted by warm welcome from Nassera the host. The girls were shy but immediate said they were hungry as they saw the nice alley of gourmet in the store. Nassera led our way to the second floor with Ensemble, a co-creating space enabling women to make dream come true.

The nice aroma of the space had awaken us all; Nassera offered my starving girls some nice banana pancake and cooked them right on the spot.

After their tummies were filled, we got started on some real cooking by the kids. It was Le Gateau Yaourt which was a cake made from yoghurt – Easy, fun and hearty healthy for the kids. Nassera shared with us this is what kids learn how to do in school in their first year in primary.

The little ones were overjoyed with the liberty of adding things into the bowl and mixing them all up. Nassera even gave them some special mission to complete some tasks on their own – buttering the pans by themselves. Kid always feel pride in doing the grown up tasks all by themselves.

While we are waiting for the cakes in the oven, the girls took a visit to the organic shop downstairs and had a little drill of being a shopkeeper. They could not resist the temptation of food testing offered by the real store manager Candy at the shop.

Situated at Sai Kung town Center, at the waterfront, Ensemble (in French meaning “together”) provides a space for like-minded creative souls to share passion for crafting, cooking and caring for earth.

Next time, my girls are prepared to be making animal shaped cookies with Auntie Nassera and try tackling some French words in between.

星期天早上,我們前往西貢。 我們不是去遊船河或吃海鮮大餐,而是我家6歲的孩子用她的小手探索她能做些什麼的時候。 我們提前15分鐘到達西貢這家漂亮的有機商店,面對美麗的海景,受到Nassera姨姨的熱烈歡迎。 起初女兒很害羞,但當她們在商店裡看到美味的食品時,她們也閙著很肚餓。 Nassera帶著我們進入二樓的Ensemble,這是一個共同創造的空間,讓女性夢想成真。

房間的美妙香氣喚醒了我們所有人; Nassera為我飢腸轆轆的女兒們提供了一些不錯的香蕉煎餅,並在當場展示她的手藝。

在他們的肚子被填滿之後,我們開始了孩子們的一些真正的烹飪。 這是Le Gateau Yaourt,這是一種用酸奶製成的蛋糕 – 一樣為孩子們而設的簡單,有趣和健康小食。 Nassera與我們分享了這是在法國小學生在一年級學習如何做的事情。

小傢伙們喜歡把東西放進碗裡然後把它們混合起來。 Nassera 甚至給了他們一些特別任務 – 自己塗抹鍋。 孩子總是為自己當大人的任務感到自豪。

當我們在烤箱裡等蛋糕的時候,女孩們去樓下的有機商店參觀了一下,充當了一個店主的小工作。 他們無法抗拒商店經理Candy在店裡提供食品試食的誘惑。



For more about Ensemble, please visit their Facebook: 有關Ensemble的更多信息,請訪問他們的Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ensemblecocreatingspace/