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As an entrepreneur, understanding the role people play in your business or service determines your success or failure. Business is essentially about people. People run businesses, people use products or services, and what people say can make or break a business. 

Before starting any business or service it is vital to get a clear picture of WHO its for, WHAT your actual offering is and HOW you will offer it to your target customers.

The business landscape is littered with the broken dreams of those who did not ask themselves these three basic questions.

Design Thinking provides a simple framework to map out the WHO, the WHAT and the HOW of your business or service. Design Thinking methodology places people and their needs at the centre of any initiative. Easy to understand and create diagrams help in defining your business, its roadmap and what to prioritize to get there. With the use of Design Thinking methods, your dream becomes part of a larger business reality. 

Social Media helps in communicating your business offering to your target customers. Social Media channels spread the idea of your business or service to the larger community in a focussed and measurable way.

Being an entrepreneur or founding a business is not only about ‘eureka moments’. A deep understanding of the people in your business ecosystem and how to reach them is vital. 

True to its goal of helping mothers –and others–realise their entrepreneurial dreams, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is offering three FREE online, interactive workshops–one in Design Thinking on August 19th and two in Social Media on August 21st and 24th .

Participating in all three interactive workshops will be most useful for new entrepreneurs and business founders.

The Design Thinking workshop is anchored by Hong Kong Momtrepreneur member Deepa Kamath, founder of Amplify Creative Hong Kong and the Social Media workshops are conducted by Nimble Marketing, Singapore.

Seats are limited, secure a seat by registering today:

Day 1: Design Thinking
Aug 19, 11am – noon HKT
by Deepa Kamath of Amplify Design

Day 2: Intro to Social Media
Aug 21, 11am – noon HKT
by Bella Khaja of Nimble Marketing Consultancy

Day 3: Content execution hacks
Aug 24, 11am – noon HKT
by Bella Khaja of Nimble Marketing Consultancy

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