#Hear from Her: An ethnic minority single mother

#聽她的話: 一位少數族裔單親媽媽

Photo credit: Joantan Beacerra from Unsplash

Embracing Motherhood is the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020. The beneficiaries of MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program are interviewed to share the stories of #EmbracingMotherhood.

One of the EM beneficiaries, Ar See had share her stories and thoughts of #Embracing Motherhood:







以上由Rolling Books「滾動對話」的同事進行訪談和撰寫。圖片並不是阿思她本人。

Photo credit: qinghill from Unsplash

Ar See is a Pakistani woman who was born and raised in Hong Kong. As she didn’t like to study when she was young, she dropped out of primary school and her parents arranged marriage for her. However, her marriage was not happy. As a mother of two children, she often suffered domestic violence from her husband. In order to get out of this abusive relationship, Ar See decided to divorce when she was 23 years old. Unfortunately, she was ostracized by the community for many years after her divorce. “Those girlfriends were afraid that I would grab their husbands, so they didn’t find me again. Indeed, some weird husbands called me behind their wives’ backs.”

Being frozen out by the community and illiterate, this single mother has struggled to bring up her children for many years. However, Ar See is proactive, she always beams with smiles, and eager to learn. She is active in volunteering and learning handicrafts, beauty, and other skills from time to time. Now, her son is finally being independent. However, she still has little regret for the handicraft and beauty training courses’ certificate. As she has to pass a written test for those courses attended to get a certificate, she is always unable to pass the qualifications after finishing the courses just because she doesn’t know how to read and write Chinese and English. That’s why she is unable to enter the beauty industry that she loves.

“A lot of South Asian women are similar to me, they don’t know how to read and write Chinese and English. Many of them fail in the advanced courses. I hope that those courses can understand our difficulties, so we can also learn and participate in the same. Many South Asian women want to go out and work, but they are just restricted by the ability of Chinese reading and writing.” Ar See speaks in fluent Cantonese, speaks for her community.

The above was interviewed and written by colleagues from Rolling Books. The picture is not Ar See herself.

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