#Hear from Her: Aspire to inspire


Mother of 3, Abeer wishes to inspire more women
育有三個小孩的 Abeer 希望用她的能力創造更多勢燃亮他人的機會

Abeer came to Hong Kong from India during her teenage years which drastically changed her perspective in life. She noticed instances of discriminations that went against her image of Hong Kong, “We expect that Hong Kong is a multicultural city. So, when you say multicultural how come you exclude other countries’ people”.  She sought for a sense of community but found Hong Kong to be isolating for her initially.

Leaving her old routines, comfort and community in India, she worked hard to find her way in Hong Kong. She describes herself as an introvert but after working on her first job and living independently in Hong Kong for several years, she gained the confidence to face challenges head on. Over the years, she invested her energy in supporting many women and new arrivals like her through the adjustment period and by providing further support in different aspects.

Abeer simultaneously cared for her three children and her work passionately. Now, she hopes to gain a degree and eventually start her own NGO. She wants to learn about entrepreneurship in order to put her ideas into action because she believes the success of her children, her family and her career are interlinked.

There are hundreds of stories like Abeer’s in Hong Kong.The opportunities offered to underprivileged, ethnic minority, full-time mother’s have always been few and far inbetween. These women are talented, intelligent and motivated.

The Moms4Moms fellowship program seeks to teach entrepreneurship skills to inspired women like Abeer. The program will not only level the playing field for them, but also offer to Hong Kong the chance to see the talent they have to offer.

Click into here to find out how you can support Abeer in her entrepreneurial journey. Let’s band together in these FINAL TWO DAYS to create an equal, and truly multicultural, Hong Kong. 

Education is key to true empowerment and Abeer wants to obtain her degree and to start her own NGO. Photo credit: Vasily Koloda, Unsplash

Abeer在她少年時從印度來到香港,這徹底改變了她的人生觀。作為香港的少數族裔,她注意到在這裡歧視的情況與她想像中香港的形象相反,「我們期望的香港是一個多元文化城市。但當你說是多元文化時,怎能排斥其他國家的人呢?」 她尋求著一種社群意識,但發現香港在最初的時候與她隔絕。






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