#EnoughPlastic starts from you

A preview of Flagship #EmbracingMotherhood – without boundaries

It is estimated 46.4million singleuse plastics are disposed of in Hong Kong every week with a population of 7.48 million. As the recycling rate is low, most of the plastics end up in landfills, which is alarming. Most of the singleuse plastics end up in landfills, which is alarming.

Despite how much we try to clean the beach, how much recycling or upcycling we adopt, it is upmost important to reduce in the first place. In 2018, Eco Drive has made this documentary, Start Small, Start Now: Hong Kong’s Plastic Story to raise public awareness on how each of us can make a small change in our daily lifestyle which may have a big impact on our environment.

HKM is proud to bring to you a special session at our flagship event #EmbracingMotherhood – without boundaries

Take a few moment and think about WHAT matter to you:

1. Does your residential building recycle? (required)

If yes, do you know who the recycler is?

2. What would help you bring your own coffee/tea mug, water bottle, and shopping bag every time you went out to make a purchase?(required)

4. What kind of information do you need or want to know to further reduce single use plastic in your daily life?(You may select more than 1) (required)

Want to learn more about HOW we may reduce single use plastic and other sustainable actions we can do. Join us on September 11 and 12 at #EmbracingMotherhood ~ without boundaries to explore more with Sherry Fung from EcoDrive. Sherry is happy to answer any question in English or Cantonese on the day.

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