Two are better than one

A warm welcome lunch with 2 summer interns supporting Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs and one intern supporting our member Deepa Kamath in July 2020

This summer, we were grateful to have two interns, Kelly and Nisa, supporting us at Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs. These two girls were very different in many aspects – complementing each other to make a perfect team learning by doing together. We wish both of them fruitful endeavor in the new school term and truly appreciate having their continuous supports with us at Moms4Moms Fellowship Program in 2020/21.

I am Siu Yee Chuen, Kelly, an internship of Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs for the past two months. Working in HKM for just a short period has already broadened my horizon in the business field. I learned a lot in this organization which is different from those corporates or established companies. As it is my first internship experience working in the startup, it is no doubt that this internship equips me for my future career.

We had the flexibility in the place and time we work. Also, the knowledge and what I unexpected to gain is about the mindset of motherhood.

Kelly Siu, summer intern 2020, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs

There are several works that I have done during the internship journey. First, I need to assist in the promotional work for the MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program. Based on what information I have to deliver to the public, I need to design the graphic, research on the relevant information as well as create the caption in bilingual. Apart from the promotional work, I also need to update the website. Exploring different functions of the software called WordPress, I have to work on updating the members’ information, designing the webpage for promotional use, etc. Furthermore, I have attended different meetings to keep different programs or progress up-to-date. As a result, I am more familiar with the work that I have to follow up and also have a better understanding of HKM.

I have learned a lot after this internship experience. For the general administration work, I explored different software or applications like WordPress, Mailchimp, Canva, etc. Although I am not sure whether it is useful for my future career, these are something that I have never heard before but familiar with it now. I am pleased to learn this knowledge that are unexpected to learn from this internship experience. Also, I had a better understanding of the operation of a small organization. As Lena has a close relationship with interns, I always help with different duties and she is welcome to teach us many things with her perception of running an organization. I have also communicated with a diverse background of people. Attending different meetings, I met different people included HKM’s partners, the cooperation organizations and the program applicants, etc., all over the world. I have never met such a diverse background of people before. Every one of them come from different continents and another intern, Nisa, is a Pakistani as well. During the meetings or the daily conversations, I knew more about the ideas or thoughts of people from different cultures. Although I am not talkative, I learned a lot by listening to their point of views or perceptions, I think it’s quite interesting.

Before I started this internship, my expectation of an internship is traditional like working in fixed office and office hours. However, this internship is very flexible. We had the flexibility in the place and time we work. Also, the knowledge and what I unexpected to gain is about the mindset of motherhood. I just imagine I would learn those administration work during the internship before. After working in HKM, communicating with different mothers, joining different sharing about motherhood as well as listening to those ethnic minority mothers’ stories, I learned lots of knowledge and explored a new perception towards motherhood especially for the ethnic minority mothers.

During this internship, I not only gained a lot of new knowledge about the workplace, but also learned lots of new things that enrich my life experience. It is no doubt that these experience and knowledge can equip myself for my future career. It is my pleasure that I could work in HKM and learn such knowledge which broadens my horizons in the workplace as well as toward the community.

I am Khan Uzma Nisa, a year 3 student studying at The University of Hong Kong. This summer, I have had the pleasure of interning for Lena Wong at Momtrepreneurs from June to August. It has been a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience as I have received a lot of opportunities to engage in the campaigns, projects, interviews and more.

It is noteworthy that mothers from different ethnicity, socio-economic background and position would have a different experience regarding motherhood and their professional career.

Khan Uzma Nisa, summer intern 2020, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs

Lena’s transparency and frankness has made her an approachable person thus, the work environment and learning has been very enjoyable. Through communicating with Lena, I have understood the different concerns and hurdles that mothers encounter in their professional life. Moreover, I was encouraged to join different webinars, meetings and even initiate campaigns which has given me the confidence and inspiration to see mothers and our existent economic and social system differently.

I have learned and acknowledged that mothers are the backbone of the family unit and the society as a whole through their contribution to child development. However, mothers’ roles are not only limited to caregivers, they can also have their own aspirations and become the breadwinners. Thus, it is necessary to empower them professionally and make the workplace a more inclusive space for them whether it’s on the issue of breast-feeding, maternity and paternity leave, provision of childcare services etc. If this is achieved, women and especially mothers won’t have to compromise their roles to follow a certain path and there would be more women in senior positions professionally.

It is noteworthy that mothers from different ethnicity, socio-economic background and position would have a different experience regarding motherhood and their professional career. I had the chance to listen to Ethnic Minority mothers about their struggles and goals in life which showed me how mothers should be looked at in an intersectional manner. The different combination of identities for a woman would position her at a different starting line in the society. Therefore, Momtrepreneurs has bilingual support to ensure that their program has diversity and reflects the true meaning of “Embracing Motherhood-Without Boundaries”.

I am completing my internship with a very inspired and encouraged attitude to learn more and to be more cautious of how our environments can be more inclusive to different people.

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