Looking for Motherhood Researcher

We’re looking for volunteer Motherhood Researcher! Can you help? Please take a minute to apply

Help us with compiling research on the 6 big topics of motherhood – The content will be used for our ‘thought leadership piece’, which will be published in March 2021.

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a one hour briefing call
  • Listen to event recordings and conduct additional desktop research on the 6 main themed topics of Motherhood (refer to Background for more information)
  • Assist in drafting of the publication of Thought Leadership on Embracing Motherhood with our team


Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is inviting you to take part in developing a thought leadership on Embracing Motherhood, our 2020 annual theme, to redefine the role of motherhood in an Asian perspectives. The six topics are: (1) Motherhood and Change (2) Motherhood and Wellbeing (3) Mums at Work (4) Sustainability Mums (5) Motherhood and Relationship (6) Motherhood and Learning. Learn more by visiting our website: http://www.hkmomtrepreneurs.com 

What we have

Over 20 hours of event recording surrounding the 6 topics within Embracing Motherhood 

Why this is important

As part of our work to raise public awareness on issues surrounding women empowerment and family policy, we set an annual theme each year and will develop a thought leadership piece at the end of the year. We are envisioning this individual be supporting in the drafting and writing of this thought leadership piece we are looking to publish in March 2021.

Project Period

01 Jan 2021 – 04 Mar 2021




Time Commitment

20hours in total


  • Writing
  • Market Research
  • Qualitative Research


  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English
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