Empower Stuck-At-Home Moms

During COVID-19 in 2020, a lot of moms quit their work to take care of kids when the situation worsened. In 2020, we launched the Moms4Moms Fellowship Program to help less-privileged moms break out from their homes and unleash their potential.

With $400, you support can empower a stuck at home mom to attend one class.

“I have learned that we must never stop dreaming. If we want something and believe in ourselves. we can make things happen”

Ana Antonia – Fellow, Moms4Moms 2020

“After I finished the course, our family bonding became more close and tight-knit. I let them understand more about the content of the course. My family also knows what I am doing and are willing to help and assist me.”

Alice Lee, Moms4Moms 2020學員

Our Plan

We would like to raise HK$100,000 in the next 14 days. That means with just $4,000 you can transform a mom, thus a family!

Our program involves:

1.   Six classes, workshops and tutorials on hard and soft skills on motherhood (change, wellbeing, relationship management, learning) & entrepreneurship (product, marketing, financial, legal)

2.   Peer-to-peer fellowship matching mentors with related experience to provide support and guidance along the transformation process

3.   Side learning program for kids running concurrently to ensure mothers can focus during classes and workshops  

The whole program lasts for 6 months starting this September. 100% of the money will be spent on the Moms4Moms Fellowship Program.

$250 -> Arrange one class for a kid
$400 -> Organize one class for a mom
$4,000 -> Support one family on transformation

We need your funding right now to kick start the preparation! You can be a key catalyst to this transformation journey!