Moms4Mom4 2021/22 Lesson 2: Well-being and Budgeting

On 30 October 2021, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs has conducted the second lesson of Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2021/22. This time, we explored the importance of our wellbeing in terms of emotional, physical, and spiritual as well as the fundamental of entrepreneurship of finance and budgeting.

In the first half of the lesson, our trainer and an advocate for human rights, diversity and inclusion has provided our fellows with an interactive, fun and engaging, whilst also being informative and educational workshop. Leading the way in well-being and motherhood, we believed that happiness increases confidence. That is, the recognition of what makes you happy is a key to maintain mental wellness. The trainer has also shared several ways to react and combat stress. The first way is to flip your stress mindset in reframing problems. Positive reframing is the change of your thoughts when you are reacting to a negative or challenging situation in a more positive way. Here is an example, it is feared that being infected with COVID-19 and worried about being sick. What if the change of your mindset? Your concern would become a positive question, like, what can I be or do to protect myself? Try examining what is stressing you instead of getting stuck in feelings of frustration and helplessness.

Likewise, using music, dance and breathing exercise are most accessible but practical stress reliever. In the lesson, fellows were experiencing simple mediation, singing and dancing as well as a breathing exercise to recharge mentally. All of the fellows agreed that indeed released tension, relaxed mind, and calmed after simple exercising.

Another topic of budgeting and finance as the second part.   It has been introduced 9 basic concepts of finance, such as variable cost vs. fixed cost, balance sheet, cash flow, etc. that it would be better for our fellows to get prepared in their future businesses. 

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