#StrongerTogether – Decoding of Essential Oil

Schools in Hong Kong will resume classes in stages as soon as the middle of this month. Both children and parents must be excited and nervous. In recent years, essential oils and aromatherapy (that is, aromatherapy) have become popular. Due to the epidemic, negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, pessimism, depression and fear have been generated. Almost all essential oils can effectively relieve and balance. Emotions are also closely related to the body’s immune system. Essential oils help maintain emotional balance and indirectly strengthen the body’s resistance.

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is honored to invite Oh So Essential Oil Vicky Chan to share with us some essential oil usage and tips. Vicky will also give away DIY essential oil products, don’t miss it! Join us on April 22 at 10pm on Facebook Live.

Before returning to school, improving the immunity of parents and their children is the most fundamental thing.

– Essential oil products are very popular, but there are many different type of essential oils. How can we find the right medicine and use it safely?
– There are many natural remedies i and aromatherapy is one of them, but there are many kinds of essential oils. How to choose the right essential oils for objects of different ages and needs is very important to use them safely
– How to use essential oil products for natural protection?
– Improve concentration and improve sleep quality?

Essential oils and aromatherapy (i.e. aromatherapy) have been around for thousands of years, using essential oils derived from plants with aromatic molecules as a therapeutic medium. Essential oils are not regular medicines and are mostly used for adjuvant therapy. However, on the emotional level, aromatherapy is a very effective treatment method, especially for negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, pessimism, depression and fear. Almost all essential oils can be used effectively. Soothes and balances.

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