Moms4Moms 2023-2024 Program 2nd Info Session

Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2023/24 is now open for application. If you have missed out our last info session, please join our next info session on zoom meeting at 12:00pm-1:00pm on 1 Aug 2023.

Our application deadline is coming 4th August 2023. Please don’t hesitate to join our info day that you can also ask more questions about the program and how we help your entrepreneurial journey with structured lessons and mentors’ support.

Hear from some of our alumni on how they have benefited and learnt from the program: 

“I thought entrepreneurship is unreachable before I study Moms4Moms Fellowship program.  I didn’t know how and where to begin.  However, after joining this program, we can know more details and take little steps near our entrepreneurs goals.” 

Comment by Odi, 2022/23 fellow

“After having this program, I have a lot of clarity in my mind, I have the confidence and I have a goal to approach I can do what I think of.”

Comment by Zehra Syeda Maryam, 2022/23 fellow

Hear from some of our mentors advice to the future fellows who are interested in the program: 

“For the future fellows who want to join the program. Having a mentor is a very good way to hand hold each other. That she would have a mentor to help you slowly reach your goals. And (as a mentee) listen to their advice, because they are there for you.”

Comment by Anne Colina-Suaverdez, 2023/ 23 mentor

“The program actually allows you to learn first. Learn about which means to be a entrepreneur, what is the aspect to think, to think holistically. You may be able to approach every aspect to the business right away. But it gives you an insight, some sort of perspective as to what are the part of the business that you need to think about and that’s the program does.”

Comment by Rianna Chugani, 2023/ 23 mentor

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