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Trust everyone is well and safe.It’s confirmed that the HK Momtrepreneurs’ Moms4Moms Fellowship Program continues to be held. We understand some of our guests may need to make special arrangement to come and therefore we will start at 10:15am. You are welcome to join us if the situation permits. Please be reminded that your safety is upmost important. For those of us with young children and no help at home, you can take your child(ren) with you to join us. But please be reminded that it must be safe for you to take are of the children if you decide to come with them. We look forward to seeing you at 10:30am. 我們現在確定今天早上的 Moms4Moms 媽媽培訓計劃將繼續如期舉行。我們了解大家可能將需要作出特別安排前來場地,活動將於10:30開始。各位的安全是最重要的,歡迎大家在情況許可下來臨參加活動。若閣下有幼兒在家沒有人可以照料,歡迎在安全情況下帶同小朋友出席活動。期待10:30見到大家。 See MoreSee Less
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