Boss Mom Q&A: from Passion to Action

小編其實還未與「運動族人」Angel 見過面但已經被這位創媽的正能量吸引著。Angel 創辨這間令人感到親切且有效率的網上運動舖, 嚴選售賣本地及世界知名品牌的運動及户外用品, 亦會定期於日本代購, 貼地分享有趣運動資訊、舉辦多種線下活動, 輕輕鬆鬆帶動香港人投入愉快的運動生活, 亦為不少家長解決為孩子選購運動用品的煩惱 。 Whereas I have never met Angel in person, I have been attracted by her positive energy. Angel has founded this intimate and efficient online sports shop, Sports Union, that diligently selects sports and outdoor products from local and world-renowned brands. It also regularly purchases in Japan, … Continue reading Boss Mom Q&A: from Passion to Action

A real childhood

真正的童年 When I was young, it was so common seeing kids running around the neighbourhood, really having a ball to be on the street. Nowadays, kids are either in various hobby classes after school or stayed at home watching YouTube or playing video games. 小時候常常見到孩子自由自在在街上走着。現在他們只會在補習班或興趣班房來又或者待在家中看YouTube或打電玩。 The playgrounds are no longer fun. We had metal slides … Continue reading A real childhood

Glad to be home

留在家中是一種幸福 I made a choice to stay home taking care of the children ever since my elder one was born and that was the biggest and best ever decision I have ever made. When you tell others you are just a stay at home mom (SAHM) or full time mom (FTM), people often think you … Continue reading Glad to be home