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MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program is a women empowerment program to gather mothers from all walks of life into the modules on hard and soft skills related to motherhood and entrepreneurship. MOMs4MOMs媽媽創業家培育計劃將透過工作坊及工作計劃加以師友輔導,讓媽媽們能夠學習更多知識去面對當母親和企業家的挑戰。

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During the global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, women often mothers are the most vulnerable. Globally women do 3 times as much unpaid care work as men and up to 70% of healthcare workers is conducted by women. Bringing women’s economic resilience to be ready for any uncertainty going forward becomes more important than ever.

When Abeer came to HK from India during her teenage years, she faced discrimination due to her ethnicity. She has worked hard to find her way, while also caring for her 3 children. Now, her dream is to start her own NGO to support new arrivals to HK.
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There are 1000s of stories like Abeer’s in HK. The opportunities for underprivileged, ethnic minority mothers have always been few. The Moms4Moms Fellowship Program seeks to teach entrepreneurship skills to inspired women like Abeer to help them achieve their dreams.


在青少年時期,Abeer從印度來到香港時,由於種族原因,她面臨歧視。 她一直在努力尋找自己的道路,同時還照顧著她的三個孩子。 現在,她的夢想是成立自己的非牟利團體,以支持新來港人士。
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在香港有上千個類似Abeer的故事。 基層少數族裔母親的工作機會一直很少。 Moms4Moms媽媽創業家計劃旨在教授創業技能,以啟發像Abeer這樣的女性,幫助他們實現夢想。

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