#EnoughPlastic starts from you

A preview of Flagship #EmbracingMotherhood – without boundaries It is estimated 46.4million single–use plastics are disposed of in Hong Kong every week with a population of 7.48 million. As the recycling rate is low, most of the plastics end up in landfills, which is alarming. Most of the single–use plastics end up in landfills, which is alarming. Despite how much we try toContinue reading “#EnoughPlastic starts from you”

#Hear from Her: Aspire to inspire

#聽她的話:燃亮他人 Abeer came to Hong Kong from India during her teenage years which drastically changed her perspective in life. She noticed instances of discriminations that went against her image of Hong Kong, “We expect that Hong Kong is a multicultural city. So, when you say multicultural how come you exclude other countries’ people”.  She soughtContinue reading “#Hear from Her: Aspire to inspire”