Why #EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD in 2020? 為什麼要在2020年擁抱母親?

Often times we define motherhood being very independent from professionalism where work and family should also be separated from each other.   Should motherhood be a inevitable part of one’s life?   Should it be integrated to all aspects of our lives?  Should motherhood be there without any boundaries? 通常,我們將母親的角色和她的專業不能相提並論;在把工作和家庭也彼此分開。 然而「母親」應該成為生活中不可避免的一部分嗎? 是否應將她融入我們生活的方方面面? 「母親的角色」應該有沒有界限呢? In 2020Continue reading “Why #EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD in 2020? 為什麼要在2020年擁抱母親?”

In celebrating our 2nd anniversary…

Motherhood presents all sorts of opportunities and challenges, as well as visions and assumptions of what being a ‘mother’ means. From being addressed as the CEO, CFO, chef and driver of the household, to being considered (by some) the front line of children’s upbringing, mothers face all sorts of filters and pre-defined notions that ‘shape’ howContinue reading “In celebrating our 2nd anniversary…”