Wellness for Busy Moms

女性日常生活保健之「都市人養生不難」 感謝 陳翠萍 Ingrid Chan 醫師在3月28日在The Wave百忙中抽空來為我們分享 @女性日常生活保健之「都市人養生不難」。繁忙的媽媽也需要先照顧好自己才可以照顧身邊的人。陳醫師更教了我們一起小貼士,平日為自己調理身體。 Thank you Dr Ingrid Chan sharing on Wellness for Busy Moms on March 28 at The Wave to introduce some daily TCM tips on how to take care of our own bodies. 場地贊助Venue Sponsor: The Wave      

Wanna see “Made in HK” again?!

Do you miss seeing products that are “Made in Hong Kong”?  Now, we can have that again in Hong Kong! HATCH, an impact purpose initiative by Social Ventures Hong Kong, aims to redefine the “Made in Hong Kong” culture by bringing local brands and women from under-privileged families together in a co-working factory space. WeContinue reading “Wanna see “Made in HK” again?!”