Wanna see “Made in HK” again?!

Do you miss seeing products that are “Made in Hong Kong”?  Now, we can have that again in Hong Kong! HATCH, an impact purpose initiative by Social Ventures Hong Kong, aims to redefine the “Made in Hong Kong” culture by bringing local brands and women from under-privileged families together in a co-working factory space. WeContinue reading “Wanna see “Made in HK” again?!”

Boss Mom Academy: Let’s Pay Me

Boss Mom Academy: Let’s Pay Me 波士媽媽學院:Let’s Pay Me ⠀ [BY INVITATION ONLY | 私人活動] ⠀ Introduction to a new digital payment solution that brings your customers closer to you: 最新網上支付平台簡介 ⠀ ✅ searching for a low cost digital payment solution? 正在尋找低成本網上支付平台方案? ✅ collecting HKD from customers in your daily business? 每天生意現在收取不會的港幣付款? ✅ trying toContinue reading “Boss Mom Academy: Let’s Pay Me”