Fostering Digital Transformation: New $500m D-Biz Fund to support

Original post by on April 20, 2020 COVID-19 has great caused global impact both positively and negatively. Negatively speaking, it’s a huge tsunami for a lot of traditional businesses. Positively speaking, it’s a huge opportunity for digital businesses. It’s going to be a change and there will be a new way of spending andContinue reading “Fostering Digital Transformation: New $500m D-Biz Fund to support”

Stay connected during social distancing

With social distancing being the new norm, we are keeping ourselves away from our family, friends and other social communities. Yet it is this time where human connections become more important to uphold our positivity to alleviate stress. During one of the most challenging times in human’s history, bringing isolated people together becomes a strongContinue reading “Stay connected during social distancing”