Stay connected during social distancing

With social distancing being the new norm, we are keeping ourselves away from our family, friends and other social communities. Yet it is this time where human connections become more important to uphold our positivity to alleviate stress. During one of the most challenging times in human’s history, bringing isolated people together becomes a strongContinue reading “Stay connected during social distancing”

Storytelling for NGOs | NGOs也要說故事

在這以數據作主軸的世代裏,每個人都會接收各種形式的廣告和營銷數據,包括廣告,贊助帖子,廣告牌,印刷廣告及電視廣告。據說每個人平均每天可以看到4,000個廣告。對於公司而言,要在眾多牌子中脫穎而出,令觀眾對廣告有親切感及聯繫感,牽動人心的技巧是必需的。 In today’s data-driven world, an average person consumes various forms of advertisement and marketing data every day including banner ads, sponsored posts, billboards, print ads and TV ads. It is said that an average person sees 4,000 adverts on a daily basis. For any brand to break out of this clamour and have aContinue reading “Storytelling for NGOs | NGOs也要說故事”