Charles Burnett, an educator who pioneered Design Thinking, defines it as ‘A process of creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organised, decisions to be made, situations to be improved and knowledge to be gained.’ Entrepreneurship is a rocky road Some of the problems faced by entrepreneurs are unique to their situationsContinue reading “HOW CAN DESIGN THINKING BENEFIT ENTREPRENEURS?”

Moms empower moms – “Made in Hong Kong” HATCH Visit

Boss Mom in the Field: Made in Hong Kong 合廠 HATCH was well received on March 7 to celebrate #IWD2019. We had a great opportunity to see how the products are made at the co-working factory and there were also many ideas being bouncing around. Looking forward to many collaborations to come! 創媽考察:香港製造合廠參觀於3月7日成功舉辦。 各位會員藉此機會了解更多有關合廠的生產以及協商各類合作可能。接下來我們一定有更多機會拍住上!