Mother’s Festival


Mother’s Festival – 「一齊嚟撐在職媽媽 」


香港女青年商會「敢想敢做2021:媽媽愛挑戰 之 伴妳同行」社區發展計劃將於5月16日起,一連3個星期日,為媽媽度身訂造一系列身心靈療癒工作坊,希望讓妳注入一點正能量,充充電,加加油。


當日也請來活動大使張嘉兒小姐出席開幕禮,並夥拍認證正面管教家長講師黃瑋琳 (Teacher Fiona)分享,用不打不罵的方式栽培幼苗茁壯成長。

想做個輕鬆的媽媽一點都不難,不信? 來聽聽一眾嘉賓的心得吧。

仲有就係導師透過圖像心理工具Points of You,探討和了解自己在工作、生活和不同角色身份之間應注意的事項,為自己作出改變;最後唔少得當然要送返份禮物俾自己啦,註冊香薰治療師曾沅詩Bonny教妳調出一款專屬妳自己的精油帶回家。節目豐富,快D報名參加啦。

“Care & Dare 2021: Stand by Moms, Always” is a brand new flagship project of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes this year. We noted that working mothers have been facing enormous pressure stemming from “double shift” since Covid-19. They scaled back or even sacrifice their career. Through raising public awareness, we hope the society can create a caring, loving and supportive environment to our mothers.

We hope through 3 days program we could help mothers to realize a mental and physical retreat through our fruitful programs. The programs are set as the following three direction:
• Retain mothers’ participation at work
• Reenergize mothers from high stress level
• Rediscover mother’s passion on personal development

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