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We welcome all ladies who value a well balanced life between family, career and community to join us.  Here are some of our members who have been joining us in their journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood:-

我們歡迎所有重視家庭,事業和社區之間平衡生活的女士們加入。以下是我們的一些成員和我們同享她們的創業和為人母親之旅程: –

Arati Limbu

Mother & baby retail store Family Basics
Website: Baby Basics
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Arati helps run the Baby Basics Mother & Baby Retail Store in Central. She loves being in connection with clients who make the effort to drop by at the store and makes sure that she has the necessary information ready if and when they ask for advice. Nothing beats being in touch with people, therefore Arati always tries to make sure to take time to be of help in any capacity that she can.

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