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We welcome all ladies who value a well balanced life between family, career and community to join us.  Here are some of our members who have been joining us in their journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood:-

我們歡迎所有重視家庭,事業和社區之間平衡生活的女士們加入。以下是我們的一些成員和我們同享她們的創業和為人母親之旅程: –

Roomila Chandra

Children’s Luxury Party Wear Brand Tacheri
Website: Tacheri
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As a graduate of the University of Michigan, Roomila brings over 10+ years experience working in Children’s Fashion and Public Relations in New York and Hong Kong to her role as Founder of Tachéri, a children’s luxury apparel e-commerce brand. As a previous Account Executive overseeing twelve children fashion brands including DKNY Kids and Puma Kids, she brings a knowledge of trend analysis, merchandising and brand building in the children’s apparel market to her new venture.

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