At Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, we have selected a theme every year to establish our thought leadership with our stand on women empowerment and support for women in their motherhood and entrepreneurial journey.

2020#EmbracingMotherhood 《母限》

Motherhood is a journey of discovery; of unlearning, re-learning and self-meaning making with others.

This is why, coming to our 2nd anniversary, HK Momtrepreneurs is looking to celebrate #EmbracingMotherhood as our 2020 flagship theme: to redefine the meaning of motherhood, without boundaries.


Gender biases, social and family pressures for women to be primary carers, and the lack of work-life balance are among some reasons why women don’t stay in the workforce in Hong Kong. For its first year, HK Momtrepreneurs focused its thought leadership theme on #FutureWorkHK to promote family friendly policies at workplace.

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