Wellness for Busy Moms

女性日常生活保健之「都市人養生不難」 感謝 陳翠萍 Ingrid Chan 醫師在3月28日在The Wave百忙中抽空來為我們分享 @女性日常生活保健之「都市人養生不難」。繁忙的媽媽也需要先照顧好自己才可以照顧身邊的人。陳醫師更教了我們一起小貼士,平日為自己調理身體。 Thank you Dr Ingrid Chan sharing on Wellness for Busy Moms on March 28 at The Wave to introduce some daily TCM tips on how to take care of our own bodies. 場地贊助Venue Sponsor: The Wave      

Moms empower moms – “Made in Hong Kong” HATCH Visit

Boss Mom in the Field: Made in Hong Kong 合廠 HATCH was well received on March 7 to celebrate #IWD2019. We had a great opportunity to see how the products are made at the co-working factory and there were also many ideas being bouncing around. Looking forward to many collaborations to come! 創媽考察:香港製造合廠參觀於3月7日成功舉辦。 各位會員藉此機會了解更多有關合廠的生產以及協商各類合作可能。接下來我們一定有更多機會拍住上!


女性日常養生保健之道 「都市人養生不難」 繁忙媽媽也要照顧好自己才可照顧家人 月經後調理有多重要? 坐月時沒有乖乖,現在怎麼辦? 按穴位可以減壓嗎? 太忙可以怎樣養生? 分享嘉賓 陳翠萍中醫師 (Ingrid) 香港大學中醫全科學士 香港大學中醫深造証書(腫瘤學) 香港註冊中醫師 THE WAVE 旺角: 九龍旺角西洋菜南街2A-2H號銀城廣場25樓 (港鐵E2出口) 3月28日(星期四) 9:30-11:30 預約登記 • 免費參加 The event is conducted in Cantonese

LoVe Your body & Mind

How about your own ME TIME? You have focused a lot on your works and family, how about some time to take care of yourself? Want to try a workout that is easy for everyone?    你一直為工作和家庭奔波,是時候照顧一下自己了!想試試一樣適合任何年齡人士的簡單運動? What is Barre Workout? 什麼是芭蕾塑身 ? Barre is a full body workout, combining the benefits of dance, pilates, … Continue reading LoVe Your body & Mind