A real childhood

真正的童年 When I was young, it was so common seeing kids running around the neighbourhood, really having a ball to be on the street. Nowadays, kids are either in various hobby classes after school or stayed at home watching YouTube or playing video games. 小時候常常見到孩子自由自在在街上走着。現在他們只會在補習班或興趣班房來又或者待在家中看YouTube或打電玩。 The playgrounds are no longer fun. We had metal slides … Continue reading A real childhood

Glad to be home

留在家中是一種幸福 I made a choice to stay home taking care of the children ever since my elder one was born and that was the biggest and best ever decision I have ever made. When you tell others you are just a stay at home mom (SAHM) or full time mom (FTM), people often think you … Continue reading Glad to be home

創業路上 – 你永遠不會孤單 The road to entrepreneurship – you are not alone

作為媽媽,每天要處理百樣事情 – 家中的大小事務,小朋友的活動/飲食安排, 都要一一處理, 很多時候忙得不可開交, 能夠分身去創業 ,很多時都要等到夜闌人靜的時候才「開工」, 當另一半和小孩在熟睡時,自己才頂著睡意工作,有時候不禁會感到孤單, 感到氣餒,甚至懷疑自己 – 「這麼辛苦,為什麼呢?」 Being a mother, it is always restless everyday, taking care of household chaos and meals arrangement for the kids, leaving no room for ourselves not to mention starting our own businesses. Our business hour is often late when the children and husbands are sound … Continue reading 創業路上 – 你永遠不會孤單 The road to entrepreneurship – you are not alone