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We are grateful to have the support from many partners and sponsors in the past; without their supports, the Hong Kong Momtreprenuers journey would not be as successful.    We welcome any partnership or sponsorship enquiry, please contact:-

我們感謝過去得到許多合作夥伴和讚助的支持; 如果沒有他們的支持,香港創業媽媽的旅程就不會那麼成功。 我們歡迎任何合作或贊助諮詢,請聯繫:


Below are some of the members privilege from our partners:

20% off for Builder Plan to list your events and products on cloud based community platform

gobuddy-logoGoBuddy is a Cloud-powered community management software the unified members relations, e-booking and e-commerce needs into one easy to use platform.   Their solution offers the most effective online community management, booking and retail experience across mobile and web applications.  The platform is to develop a technology-driven ecosystem of communities for everyone having effective and efficient personalized channels to provide events and activities, as well as sell goods in one place, at minimal cost and time barriers.    Visit and ask us for the discount code. 

20% off on Special Dedicated Desks at Ucommune Sheung Wan
上環 Ucommune特別專用服務工作枱八折優惠

Achieve more with a dedicated workstation in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district.  Growing your business takes work and effort. With Ucommune, you become a member of a network of over 200,000 enterprises across Asia who can experience a smart and secured coworking space. With our team helping you in various back-end services, you get to focus on your bottom lines and we’ll take care of the rest.  Terms & conditions apply and subject to availability.  For enquiries, please email us at
於香港商業區中心的專用工作站令你實現更多目標。  透過Ucommune,您將成為亞洲20多萬企業的網絡成員,這些企業可以體驗智能和安全的共享空間。 通過我們的團隊為您提供各種後端服務,您可以專注於自己的底線,我們將負責其餘的工作。 條款和細則適用,視情況而定,如有查詢,請電郵至

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UCommune is Asia’s leading co-working space operator and the 2nd largest co-working company worldwide. With our global network of more than 200 locations connecting with+10,000 different businesses, we provide innovative co-working spaces, business services/solutions and event space for entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium sized enterprises.
UCommune是亞洲領先的共同工作空間運營商,也是全球第二大合作公司。 我們擁有200多個地點的全球網絡,連接著10,000多個不同的業務,我們為企業家,創業公司和中小型企業提供創新的共同工作空間,商業服務/解決方案和活動空間。

30-minutes one on one legal health check for your business

Starting a venture is not just about passion, people and product. JC Legal is here to make sure you do things right. Tell her about your work and she analyses your business health for you. 30 minutes, absolutely free of charge with no strings attached. Schedule your coffee with JC Legal now.
熱誠、團隊和產品只是創業的第一步。JC Legal可協助你把事情做對,讓業務持續健康發展。你的創業理想是甚麼?喝杯咖啡談談,讓她們為你的業務來個健康檢查。30分鐘,無需委託,費用全免。電郵預約

JC Legal_horizontal_white

JC Legal is a dynamic law firm in Hong Kong practising in the Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia and Australia), Europe (France, the United Kingdom and Germany) and the United States.  Specialising in cross-border practice, we help businesses grow smarter with bespoke legal solutions, with a focus on corporate law, regulatory compliance and intellectual property. We also advise multicultural individuals and families on family law and estate planning.
JC Legal是一家香港律師事務所,執業地區遍佈亞太地區(香港、中國內地、馬來西亞及澳洲)、歐洲(法國、英國及德國)以及美國。我們專門從事跨境事務,包括公司法律、商業合規及知識產權,並設計服務方案,為企業升級營商。我們亦為來自不同文化背景的私人客戶及家庭提供家事及遺產規劃方面的法律意見。

Greater than 50% off for TableWorks monthly flexible Hot Desk pass

TableWorks is the widest reaching, flexible Hot Desk network in Hong Kong giving Pass holders access to 400+ available seats at many locations.

Every TableWorks provides Pass holders with a private & secure WiFi network, a complimentary drink, food & beverage benefits and a comfortable place for you to work remotely and hold meetings in a busy city. 

HK Momtrepreneurs would like to invite our members to have a discounted VIP TableWorks Pass to help kick start your own remote work revolution.   
Please download the app to see in real-tine, available locations here.

Visit for more information and join now using the discount invite link and ask us for the discount code.  

We are grateful to have worked with the following partners:

Amplify uses the power of design to work with small business owners and start-up founders to grow their businesses.  With their support in design thinking and branding, HKM has been partnering with amplify in many of its strategy.   

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In 2019, we were grateful to have Family and Group Practice Research Centre of Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong as supporting organization of Future Work of Hong Kong and Professor Joyce Ma to be the panelists.



With both CFA Institute and its affiliate The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts being supporting organization for our flagship Future Work in Hong Kong in 2019, we have brought more professional bodies involved in our work in bringing more awareness on family friendly policies at workplaces.  


It has been our honour to have The Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong being as supporting organization in many of HKM’s initiatives since early days including Future Work in Hong Kong in 2019, NGO Leadership Program Pitching in 2019 and more to come in 2020.  

BPW_newlogo-01BPW Hong Kong is an affiliate Chapter of BPW International – a women organization develops the business, professional and leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, education, mentoring, networking, skill building, and economic empowerment programmes and projects around the world.  

Final logo

Young Founders School is a charity that provides entrepreneurship education to students globally, providing bootcamps and ideation workshops to students.  It also provides online courses and community to connect students globally to facilitate cultural exchange and project building. 



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