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  • Redefining Motherhood from an Asian Perspective 從亞洲人的⻆度重新定義⺟親的⻆⾊
    Embracing Motherhood was the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020, as a way to redefine the role of motherhood from an Asian perspective. Six topics were examined: Motherhood & Change, Mums at Work, Motherhood & Relationships, Motherhood & Learning, Motherhood & Wellbeing and Eco-sustainability Mums. In this thought leadership piece, we state our observations from the year long activities and events around these topics and also provide our recommendations for mothers and all others around them to consider. Motherhood is a journey thatContinue reading “Redefining Motherhood from an Asian Perspective 從亞洲人的⻆度重新定義⺟親的⻆⾊”
  • 第一屆 Moms4Moms媽媽創業計劃畢業禮
    Moms4Moms Fellowship Program Graduation 台上1分鐘台下10年功。6位 Moms4Moms媽媽創業計劃 學員今天能夠站台分享自己的創業理念或夢想。我們以她們為榮,能跳出自己的框框,向著台下觀眾分享自己的想法,這一點也不容易。 我們很高興當中三位學員更在《錫錫媽媽市集》展示給售賣自己的產品 多謝 JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 香港女青年商會 的合作及Dream Impact 夢創成真的支持! 媽媽愛挑戰!撐住呀! Having been through 6 months of Moms4Moms Fellowship Program, we are finally graduating. The 1 min pitch seems easy for many but it is something these fellows worked hard and practised for a long time. We are very proud to present the 10 graduates of first cohort of Moms4Moms Fellowship Program. Stand by Moms, Always! Hang in there!
  • How childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in HK 生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響
    In collaboration with Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs and JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Women in Business would like to invite you to complete a 5 minutes survey. The survey is in hope to explore how childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in Hong Kong. 聯同香港創業媽媽以及香港女青年商會合作,香港科技大學 Women in Business 現正誠邀閣下用5分鐘時間完成以下問卷。本調查希望了解生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響。 According to 2019 statistics from Legislative Council, labour force participation rate (LFPR) of women with a child aged 0-14 was only 56.6% which is a significantContinue reading “How childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in HK 生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響”
  • Mothers’ Festival Call for Vendors
    As part of our strategic partnership in Stand by Moms, Always in HKM’s annual theme of From Empathy to Gratitude, we are now calling for vendors to join the Mothers’ Festival to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood with all of us. Organizer: JCI Hong Kong JayceettesStrategic Partner: Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited Theme: Stand by Moms, Always – Mothers’ FestivalDate: Sunday May 16, 2021Place: Dream Impact, Unit C, 4/F, 760 Cheung Sha Wan Rd, Lai Chi Kok(夢創成真 – 九龍荔枝角長沙灣道760號4樓C室)Time: 12:00noon to 6:00pmTarget noContinue reading “Mothers’ Festival Call for Vendors”
  • From Empathy to Gratitude
    《婉約蜕變 同理感恩》 Empathy and Gratitude are two key building blocks of Resilience; after been through one year of pandemic, the whole world has taken a step back and slowed down to see what would make us strong with more resilience to face all the unknown ahead of us. As mothers and entrepreneurs, we are taking leadership roles in both our households and our businesses; our competency has been put to the challenge and it is proven. “The pandemic has really highlighted the power ofContinue reading “From Empathy to Gratitude”
  • Do you #ChooseToChallenge?
    Ever since I have turned 40, I have given myself a challenge to learn at least one new thing every year – let it be a program, a new skill or a new habit. We all like to be in our comfort zone, to stay put in our status quo and to live a life that makes us who we are today. I grew up in a traditional hard working Chinese family that has certain value and standard to expect all three of usContinue reading “Do you #ChooseToChallenge?”
  • We need help!
    Background Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is the first non-profit organization in Hong Kong supporting busy moms with their businesses. We have a membership programme which supports existing business owners and a fellowship programme to help marginalised from diverse backgrounds to start their own businesses.  What we have We have an existing WordPress account which offers limited statistics. Why this is important The existing website has been very successful in drawing and growing traffic volumes. For the next stage in our growth we would like toContinue reading “We need help!”
  • It’s beyond just money: 5 mindsets you need in starting a business
    Five years ago, Marie came to Hong Kong with husband and kid and was blessed to have help to support the caretaking of the family and had realized her foreign domestic helper at home was the same age as herself and as well educated yet they lived very different life. She grew up in France and worked in online education and an NGO before. Starting her own business or founding her own charity was never on her list and now she has a registeredContinue reading “It’s beyond just money: 5 mindsets you need in starting a business”
  • Moms4Moms力量:別少看手作仔
    雅思是我們 Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs 香港創業媽媽 Moms4Moms 媽媽創業培訓計劃的學員。香港土生土長,廣東話流利的婦女。一直含辛茹苦養育孩子,現在兒子們長大了,雅思參加我們的計劃去尋找自己的方向。 雅思喜歡手作,也做出很多不同設計的作品。她經常會跟我說:「人哋整嗰啲好靚,我嗰啲好簡單。」但是她拿出自己的作品,給我逐一講解的時候,我可以看到她的眼神是發亮的。 當天下午,她邀請我留下來吃午飯⋯⋯我一直在鼓勵她考慮開啟自己的社交媒體專頁,嘗試推廣自己的作品。她又總會回答:「呢啲嘢我唔識怕好麻煩。」但是她又會細心地觀察,我和她妹妹討論社交媒體的無限可能性。 感恩我可以用自己的能力去幫助別人,也給予我更大的動力去感染更加多人,還讓我品嚐了一頓豐富的巴基斯坦餐。 感謝雅思和妹妹的熱情款待,欲知雅思的手工是怎樣,待續⋯⋯ 要了解更多有關 Moms4Moms媽媽創業培訓計劃, 請click入或致電+852 9248 4861。
    Original post BY #IMPACT PODCAST JANUARY 27, 2021 Podcast: Play in new window | Embed Subscribe for our updates!  THANKS to our Season 5 Sponsor TimTimTom for helping us make an even bigger impact. Find the full transcription of this episode here. #impact Season 5 shows you how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relate to you. This time, we sit down with Carol Yeung from iNNOVGoals and Lena Wong from Hong Kong Momtrepreneursto hear why we need everyone’s allyship more than ever to reach Global Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empowerContinue reading “INNOVATING FOR THE GOALS AND EQUALITY | CAROL YEUNG AND LENA WONG”
  • Indulgence for Year of Ox to empower a mother to learn 金銀滿屋支持一位母親學習
    In the year of Ox, indulgence your festival and empower a mother to learn to support Moms4Moms Fellowship Program. For CNY Puddings, Cookies and Abalone:-Completed order with applied promo code “HKMOM”, you will receive 25% discount of the order with free delivery when purchased 2 boxes or above, and 10% of the discounted price will be donated to Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs. The campaign period is from now until 9 Feb 2021. For Poon Choi (6pax):-Completed order with applied promo code “HKMOMPC”, the buyers willContinue reading “Indulgence for Year of Ox to empower a mother to learn 金銀滿屋支持一位母親學習”
  • Thanks for being part of our 2020
    From all of us at Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, we are grateful and blessed to have your supports in this year. Let’s call it a wrap for 2020 to review what we had done: In Janurary, we had invited book author Alicia Lui to share her new work of Sporty Girls Journal When COVID first hit in February, we also lined up resources to support dispatching of masks and sanitary products. Working towards the theme of Embracing Motherhood since March, we had changed to online programs to continueContinue reading “Thanks for being part of our 2020”
  • Looking for Motherhood Researcher
    We’re looking for volunteer Motherhood Researcher! Can you help? Please take a minute to apply Help us with compiling research on the 6 big topics of motherhood – The content will be used for our ‘thought leadership piece’, which will be published in March 2021. Project Details What we need Join a one hour briefing call Listen to event recordings and conduct additional desktop research on the 6 main themed topics of Motherhood (refer to Background for more information) Assist in drafting of theContinue reading “Looking for Motherhood Researcher”
  • Two are better than one
    This summer, we were grateful to have two interns, Kelly and Nisa, supporting us at Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs. These two girls were very different in many aspects – complementing each other to make a perfect team learning by doing together. We wish both of them fruitful endeavor in the new school term and truly appreciate having their continuous supports with us at Moms4Moms Fellowship Program in 2020/21. I am Siu Yee Chuen, Kelly, an internship of Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs for the past two months.Continue reading “Two are better than one”
  • #EnoughPlastic starts from you
    A preview of Flagship #EmbracingMotherhood – without boundaries It is estimated 46.4million single–use plastics are disposed of in Hong Kong every week with a population of 7.48 million. As the recycling rate is low, most of the plastics end up in landfills, which is alarming. Most of the single–use plastics end up in landfills, which is alarming. Despite how much we try to clean the beach, how much recycling or upcycling we adopt, it is upmost important to reduce in the first place. In 2018, Eco Drive has made this documentary, StartContinue reading “#EnoughPlastic starts from you”
  • #Hear from Her: Aspire to inspire
    #聽她的話:燃亮他人 Abeer came to Hong Kong from India during her teenage years which drastically changed her perspective in life. She noticed instances of discriminations that went against her image of Hong Kong, “We expect that Hong Kong is a multicultural city. So, when you say multicultural how come you exclude other countries’ people”.  She sought for a sense of community but found Hong Kong to be isolating for her initially. Leaving her old routines, comfort and community in India, she worked hard to findContinue reading “#Hear from Her: Aspire to inspire”
  • #Hear from Her: An ethnic minority single mother
    #聽她的話: 一位少數族裔單親媽媽 Embracing Motherhood is the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020. The beneficiaries of MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program are interviewed to share the stories of #EmbracingMotherhood. One of the EM beneficiaries, Ar See had share her stories and thoughts of #Embracing Motherhood: 《母限》是香港創業媽媽2020年的主題,訪問了Moms4Moms媽媽企業家培訓計劃的獲益者並分享了關於《母限》的故事。 其中一位少數族裔的獲益者-阿思,分享了她的故事和對《母限》的想法。 阿思是香港土生土長的巴基斯坦裔女性。由於她少時不愛讀書,她小學便輟學,而她的父母早早就為她安排婚姻。不過,她的婚姻並不美滿,育有兩兒的她常常遭受丈夫家暴。為逃離家暴,阿思23歲時決定離婚。不幸的是,她年少離婚後長年受社群排擠,「啲女仔朋友怕我搶佢地老公,就唔再搵我。的確佢地有啲老公古古怪怪,成日響太太背後打俾我。」 被社群排擠又不識字,單親媽媽阿思多年來把孩子帶大實在十分艱苦。不過,好學、愛笑的她還是十分積極,不時做義工和學習手工藝、美容等技能。現時兒子也終於能夠自立,不過她心中還是有一點遺憾,就是她上過的手工藝和美容進修班往往都要通過筆試才能得到證書,因此不懂得讀寫中、英文的她上完課程後總是無法考到資格,進而無法進入她真正心儀的美容行業。 「好多南亞裔女性都同我一樣不識睇同寫中文同英文,好多時通過唔到啲進修班,希望出面嘅課程都可以理解下我哋唔識睇中文,搵方法俾我哋去學習同參與。好多南亞裔女性係想出去做嘢,不過受中文讀寫限制咋。」阿思用流利的廣東語說,為她的社群發聲。 了解更多有關Moms4Moms媽媽創業家培訓計劃,資助一位母親免費學習:www.hkmomtrepreneurs.com/moms4moms 以上由Rolling Books「滾動對話」的同事進行訪談和撰寫。圖片並不是阿思她本人。 Ar See is a Pakistani woman who was born and raised in Hong Kong. As she didn’t like to study when she was young, she dropped out of primary school and her parents arranged marriageContinue reading “#Hear from Her: An ethnic minority single mother”
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  • Entrepreneur Essentials!
    As an entrepreneur, understanding the role people play in your business or service determines your success or failure. Business is essentially about people. People run businesses, people use products or services, and what people say can make or break a business.  Before starting any business or service it is vital to get a clear picture of WHO its for, WHAT your actual offering is and HOW you will offer it to your target customers. The business landscape is littered with the broken dreams ofContinue reading “Entrepreneur Essentials!”
  • Fostering Digital Transformation: New $500m D-Biz Fund to support
    Original post by GoBuddy.asia on April 20, 2020 COVID-19 has great caused global impact both positively and negatively. Negatively speaking, it’s a huge tsunami for a lot of traditional businesses. Positively speaking, it’s a huge opportunity for digital businesses. It’s going to be a change and there will be a new way of spending and lifestyle in the future. It simply means it’s the time for digital transformation. Hong Kong has no exception, and thanks to its great treasury reserves, Hong Kong is stillContinue reading “Fostering Digital Transformation: New $500m D-Biz Fund to support”
  • #EM Stories: Love is all it takes
    Embracing Motherhood is the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020. We have invited our members and partners, either mothers or not, to share their own stories of #EmbracingMotherhood. As a mother of three children, Ingrid Chan has her plate quite full as she is also running her own Chinese medicine clinic. Let’s her from her the #EmbracingMotherhood story that keeps her going everyday: Q: What have you learnt from motherhood that helped you at work? Or the other way around? A: To beContinue reading “#EM Stories: Love is all it takes”
  • #EM Stories: The Best Practice of Patience
    Embracing Motherhood is the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020. We have invited our members and partners, either mothers or not, to share their own stories of #EmbracingMotherhood. Hear from our member, Amy Kwan, her thought and experience on Motherhood: Q: Although you are not a mother, what have you learnt from motherhood that helped you at work? Or the other way around? A: Patience! I can imagine being a mum, patience is the first prerequisite. No matter in what stages, from babyContinue reading “#EM Stories: The Best Practice of Patience”
  • Stay connected during social distancing
    With social distancing being the new norm, we are keeping ourselves away from our family, friends and other social communities. Yet it is this time where human connections become more important to uphold our positivity to alleviate stress. During one of the most challenging times in human’s history, bringing isolated people together becomes a strong engaging power to win your customers and build up their brand loyalty. While we may all be busy managing our own stresses, your willingness to share your expertise andContinue reading “Stay connected during social distancing”
  • Why #EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD in 2020? 為什麼要在2020年擁抱母親?
    Often times we define motherhood being very independent from professionalism where work and family should also be separated from each other.   Should motherhood be a inevitable part of one’s life?   Should it be integrated to all aspects of our lives?  Should motherhood be there without any boundaries? 通常,我們將母親的角色和她的專業不能相提並論;在把工作和家庭也彼此分開。 然而「母親」應該成為生活中不可避免的一部分嗎? 是否應將她融入我們生活的方方面面? 「母親的角色」應該有沒有界限呢? In 2020 we are bold to take a strong stand at Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to redefine the role of motherhood in an Asian perspective.  Whether it is inside the house orContinue reading “Why #EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD in 2020? 為什麼要在2020年擁抱母親?”
  • In celebrating our 2nd anniversary…
    Motherhood presents all sorts of opportunities and challenges, as well as visions and assumptions of what being a ‘mother’ means. From being addressed as the CEO, CFO, chef and driver of the household, to being considered (by some) the front line of children’s upbringing, mothers face all sorts of filters and pre-defined notions that ‘shape’ how we see ourselves, and how others see us. According to the Research Office of the Legislative Council Secretariat (2019), whilst the size of local female workforce in Hong KongContinue reading “In celebrating our 2nd anniversary…”
  • How would you define Motherhood?
    #EmbracingMother ~ without boundaries SEMINAR • WORKSHOPS • BAZAARUBS • 52/F IFC 2 • CENTRAL HK Motherhood is a journey of discovery; of unlearning, re-learning and self-meaning making with others. Motherhood is also a role that can be experienced and needs to be understood and honoured, not just by mothers, but by society as a whole. This is why, coming to our second anniversary, HKM is looking to celebrate #EmbracingMotherhood as our 2020 flagship theme: to redefine the meaning of motherhood, without boundaries. IF YOU HAVE 1 MINUTE Meet our newContinue reading “How would you define Motherhood?”
  • Time and/or Money – Deciding how to fill a knowledge gap for my Small Business
    Original article by Nerice Gietel Here I go again. I am doing yet another qualification. This time it is a nanodegree in digital marketing from Udacity. No, I am not considering changing careers, again. Coaching is way too satisfying to give up. But I have decided to do this course to fill a knowledge gap that I believe is essential for my business. Running a good coaching business relies on two key elements: Being qualified to coach Having clients who want you to coachContinue reading “Time and/or Money – Deciding how to fill a knowledge gap for my Small Business”
  • Never too young for volunteering
    Two weekends in a row, we have taken the girls for their hands on volunteering experiences to let the 4 and 6 years old get a taste of helping those who are in need. Last weekend we went to Soap Cycling to volunteer ourselves from 10:30-12:30 where we had to crave out the dirty portions of the used soaps collected from different hotels in town. The “clean” upcycled soaps will then be delivered and shipped oversea to those in need. During the time weContinue reading “Never too young for volunteering”
  • Girl Boss Q&A: Love that lasts
    The name first appeared to me on Instagram when I saw this young lady meeting all sort of people. Over time I realised that she’s a lawyer who specialises in Will drafting and she’s making it look so young and totally presenting such a taboo in Chinese culture in different perspective. In this Girl Boss Q&A, we have Amy Kwan of Good Wills. Established in Hong Kong, Good Wills truly believes that “everyone is entitled to have a Will” and is endeavoured to promoteContinue reading “Girl Boss Q&A: Love that lasts”
  • Why do I bring my kids to work?
    Being an entrepreneur means you are your own boss and you can also choose when and how to involve your kids to your work. My girls are now used to having moments where they could see me at work – in meetings, at events or like today in a shooting. I grew up spending every Saturday in my father’s factory. Although I hated it when I was a kid, those were the moments where I picked up a lot of my father’s value andContinue reading “Why do I bring my kids to work?”
  • Stay calm and carry on. Managing risk in abnormal times
    We are living in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Hong Kong in particular more so since summer 2019 than ever before. From a global trade war through to social unrest, along with a recession and now the Coronavirus, Hong Kong businesses are now adapting faster than ever before to a series of fast changing events that affect our businesses.  What should Hong Kong SMEs be doing today to protect our businesses and ensure our long-term survival? There are a few simple measuresContinue reading “Stay calm and carry on. Managing risk in abnormal times”
  • The Ability to give is Empowering
    Little efforts > great impacts 積少成多集腋成裘 A Saturday morning filled with love and positive energy. I left home a bit early so I could meet my friend from social enterprise Rolling Books James Chong, who is always inspiring and giving me so much energy. After the breakfast today, it’s proven that James and I are friends of life and death given that there are minimal social interactions in this city as it is struggling from the Coronavirus outbreak. 一個充滿了愛和正能量的星期六早晨。 我提早離開家,與社企Rolling Books 的James Chong會面,他總是鼓舞人心,給了我很多能量。 香港正遭受冠狀病毒傳播的影響,大家也減少了很任何社交活動。今天有幸和James兄共進早餐,足之證明我倆已是生死之交。Continue reading “The Ability to give is Empowering”
  • 一杯三花茶舒肝解鬱
    小朋友停課至復活節,相信為家長們帶來一些影響,既擔心孩子的學習進度追不上,亦要安頓孩子在家中怎樣打發時間⏰ 年紀小一點的還可以把他們的活動調整一下,如果家中有大一點的孩子,媽媽每天都應該少不免要作出無限提醒….🍃功課是否已做好….🍃看少點手機吧….🍃早點睡覺吧…. 這等無限提醒有時會為媽媽們帶來一點鬰悶,這個時候不妨給自己留白一下,飲杯茶🍵舒肝解鬱,心情也會放鬆不少😊😊 三花茶 材料:玫瑰花6朵,茉莉花8-10朵,月季花6朵做法:所有材料用熱水沖泡,亦可隨個人喜好加點紅糖或蜂蜜功效:舒肝理氣,活血通脈 備注:孕婦避免飲用,月經量多者,在行經期間亦不宜服用;如有疑問應先咨詢註冊中醫師。 資料由 註冊中醫師陳翠萍醫師提供
  • Yoga and Meditation for Troubled Times
    Our modern world shivers as if we are collapsing into anarchy. Wildfires are burning out of control. Governments are refusing to listen to their people. There are stories of neighbors turning on neighbors. Families being torn apart. Nowhere are those divisions more on display than in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was once a vibrant stop on the maritime silk road which formed the backbone of international trade. Fast forward to now and we can see that same impressive legacy shining full force. The meetingContinue reading “Yoga and Meditation for Troubled Times”
  • Top 5 Free & Useful Video Conferencing Tools
    During the recent outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, a large number of tours, events and activities that require physical interaction have been cancelled. Inevitably, this has negatively affected the economy, particularly in Hong Kong, after the first impact during the 6-month social movement happened in June 2019.  Our partner Go Buddy recommends the possibilities of getting some classes and workshops online, and we would like to share our insights and research in this area. We have identified 5 online video conferencing software, which weContinue reading “Top 5 Free & Useful Video Conferencing Tools”
  • 7 ways to fight against nCoV 💪🏻
    During times like this, we especially need each other.   At HKM we continue our supports to fellow mothers and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges and prepare ourselves to be resilient and ready for the upticks when things start picking up.    We understand you are now adopting to the new normal to perhaps be working from home while the kids are out of school.  So, here are just some of the few ways we are here to help online.  We will soon be bringingContinue reading “7 ways to fight against nCoV 💪🏻”
  • Storytelling for NGOs | NGOs也要說故事
    在這以數據作主軸的世代裏,每個人都會接收各種形式的廣告和營銷數據,包括廣告,贊助帖子,廣告牌,印刷廣告及電視廣告。據說每個人平均每天可以看到4,000個廣告。對於公司而言,要在眾多牌子中脫穎而出,令觀眾對廣告有親切感及聯繫感,牽動人心的技巧是必需的。 In today’s data-driven world, an average person consumes various forms of advertisement and marketing data every day including banner ads, sponsored posts, billboards, print ads and TV ads. It is said that an average person sees 4,000 adverts on a daily basis. For any brand to break out of this clamour and have a memorable connection with their audience, the art of storytelling is essential. 比起大多數的市場營銷方法,故事是最容易與讀者產生共鳴的一種方式。這可以為讀者帶來代入感,增加讀者及機構的聯繫,從而增加讀者對機構好感度。 A story brings the audience closer to the cause. Stories are a fundamental human experience that drivesContinue reading “Storytelling for NGOs | NGOs也要說故事”
  • Keep a little sanity while working from home
    While many of us have to work at home during the outbreak of coronavirus in Asia, we all need to keep a little sanity while interacting with the keyboard and screen rather than real human for the whole day. In places like Hong Kong especially, we are often trapped in a small apartment with other family members who are also forced to stay at home away from work and from school. Although it is nice to have more time with our family, the pressureContinue reading “Keep a little sanity while working from home”
  • A little hope in the epidemic
    With the outbreak of coronavirus in Hong Kong, many are forced to work from home.  Companies are required to provide all the flexibility and mobility for their employees to able to bring their work home and stay out of the office to avoid any hazard on further spreading the virus.      Nowadays we are experiencing so much unknown that requires working from home a necessity.  Since mid 2019, a series of social unrest protests interrupted Hong Kong citizens going to their workplaces, followedContinue reading “A little hope in the epidemic”
  • Time is precious ~ make the most out of it
    On the 5th day of Year of Rat, the first business day after the public holiday of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, I took the opportunity to arrange 3 meetings in half a day.   The idea to make my trip to the city as much as I could — without knowing that the city would be half idle due to the recent situation affected by the coronavirus from Wuhan, China. To make the best out of my risky venture out to Central, IContinue reading “Time is precious ~ make the most out of it”
  • 6 tips to make a difference in 2020
    By now you should already receive as many 2019 review and 2020 new year resolutions email as you like; Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs likes to bring you something different.   What you can do in 2020 to make a difference to the world? 到現在為止,您應該已經收到無數的2019年評論和2020年 的新年展望 ;香港企業媽媽為您帶來不同的東西 ~ 您在2020年能做什麼來改變世界? What we did this month 僅是一月份 #FutureofWorkHK: Educate the World on SDGs 教育不只在課室內 In collaboration with UCommune, we have #FutureofWorkHK campaign ending with feature on Carol Yeung in her new venture on sustainability education.  read more >> NGOContinue reading “6 tips to make a difference in 2020”
  • Leveraging the Playing Field: How Sporty Girls Journals Shifting the Narrative for Women in Sport
    On a breezy Saturday morning, we were delighted to have Alicia Lui, the author of Sporty Girl Journals and the founder of Women in Sports Empowered Hong Kong (WISE HK), to share her thought process in creating the book at the event co-hosted by Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs and Rolling Books at Cafe 8. What’s your inspiration for starting this book? The tagline of the book is “Channelling girls’ inner sportiness” because I want to use the book to help girls define what “being sporty”Continue reading “Leveraging the Playing Field: How Sporty Girls Journals Shifting the Narrative for Women in Sport”
  • #FutureofWorkHK: Educating The World On Sustainable Development Goals – Carol Yeung
    How To Make Our World More Sustainable For The Future Starting the new decade by finalizing our #FutureofWorkHK video series with UCommune, we interviewed Carol Yeung, Founder of iNNOVGoals as she elaborates about her Start-up in Education and Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy services for businesses, schools and communities about the Sustainable Development Goals. The goal for her business is to find, educate and take collective actions to make our world more sustainable, for the better of our future. Carol believes the best way inContinue reading “#FutureofWorkHK: Educating The World On Sustainable Development Goals – Carol Yeung”
  • Girls Sport! Journal Book about girls who do sports
    [一天兩場,女生運動分享會] Rolling Books動起來,鼓勵女生一起做運動! 創業媽媽平台Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs與Rolling Books決定一起流汗,邀請<Sporty Girl Journals>作者Alicia Lui與大家分享,她如何用香港十位女生運動員的故事,活現於這本170頁的彩色圖冊,發掘不同體育資歷女生的內在運動潛能! 本Journal中設計了運動指示及紀錄欄位,好讓妳認識自己在體育路上的每一滴汗水!尤其有關女生開始運動時的各種困難,這本體育日誌陪伴你衝破障礙! [本日誌暫時只有英文版本] <Sporty Girl Journals> 作者:Alicia Lui 日期:18/1/2020 (六) 時間:10:30-11:30am 地點:Cafe 8 地址:中環8 號碼頭香港海事博物館天台觀景廳 [分享會以英語進行] 免費入場。請當天於Cafe 8購置至少一杯飲品以支持場地夥伴。 主辦:Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, Rolling Books 場地夥伴:Cafe 8 適合與小童一起參與! 預先登記:https://www.gobuddy.asia/event?et=jwvXDEca5OF5jSFs @Girls Sport – Book Sharing to Empower Girls for More Sports ****突發延伸活動**** 同日Rolling Books在荔枝角海麗邨進行「童書庇護所」免費童書分享(尋求庇護者家庭/少數族裔家庭優先) ,我們特邀<Sporty Girl Journals> 作者Alicia Lui,在上午分享會後立即跑到海麗邨,與區內華人及少數族裔家庭及小孩,以分享會繼續鼓勵基層女孩加入運動的行列! 日期:18/1/2020 (六) 時間:2:00-3:00pm 地點:民社「海麗兒童發展中心」 地址:九龍荔枝角海麗邨海雅樓地面4室 [分享會以英語進行] 免費入場 策劃:Rolling Books 協力:Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs 場地支援:民社服務中心 海麗邨部份的活動,由香港中文大學「尤努斯社會事業中心」,及2020年「Oxsitis 逆の女」逆之女 Rebel Queen慈善名額支持。 「童書庇護所」免費童書分享 https://www.facebook.com/events/2365800633640464/ =========================================== Girls Sport! Journal Book about girls who do sportsContinue reading “Girls Sport! Journal Book about girls who do sports”
  • #FutureofWorkHK: Embracing Flexibility and Mobility – Sarah Garner
    “Become employee centric and embrace flexibility and mobility to attract and retain the best talent”. Continuing on with our #FutureofWorkHK video series with UCommune Hong Kong, we interviewed Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle, who explains her business solution to a universal problem, what to do with your kids clothing when they outgrow their clothes, predominately resolving the issue of waste while incorporating circularity through her business. Sarah’s overall business message is to provide affordable kids and maternity premium apparel to the mass market andContinue reading “#FutureofWorkHK: Embracing Flexibility and Mobility – Sarah Garner”
  • What’s the MO in November?
    It could also be “SheforHe” 反之亦然 … In this month of November, let the women also take part to help support Man’s Health through the Movember Campaign.   To further our works in support #FutureofWorkHK, we continue bringing Cloud Accounting to our members as well as featuring age inclusion at workplace… 在11月份,讓女性也參與Movember運動來幫助支持男仕健康關注。為了進一步支持 #FutureofWorkHK 工作,我們繼續將Cloud Accounting介紹給我們的會員,並推廣職場年齡無界限…     “SheforHe” Movember Night 反而言之的支持 … Movember night co-hosted by Barock Barbershop and Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to raise awareness on Men’s Health. Movember is an internationally recognized campaign, encourages millionsContinue reading “What’s the MO in November?”
  • #FutureofWorkHK: Age Inclusion in the Workplace – Priyanka Gothi
    “Why can’t a 70 year old be a millennial, why can’t a 75 year old be a coder or help you in a project that’s delivering technology-based solution. It is possible .”  In our #FutureofWorkHK series with Ucommune, we sat down with Priyanka Gothi, Founder of Wise At Work, as she shares and explains her view on global talent inclusion, age discrimination in the workplace, and how her company Wise At Work can help resolve this issue. The future of work starts with us, inclusion is key. Watch the video here:Continue reading “#FutureofWorkHK: Age Inclusion in the Workplace – Priyanka Gothi”
  • What’s happening in the Fall?
    Into the 4th quarter of the year 踏進最後一季… A lot of happenings for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, our members and our partners in these few months before we call it an end to 2019:- 短短數月裡,在香港創業媽媽和我們的會員及合作夥伴當中發生很多很多:- It’s not sexy but it’s essential 雖不性感但卻十分重要的 … An introduction guide to Xero Accounting – a cloud based accounting system that makes your life simple. Date : Tuesday 22 October 2019 Time : 8:30am to 10:30am Venue : Ucommune Sheung Wan Price : FREE for Ucommune and HK Momtrepreneurs members* $80 for non membersContinue reading “What’s happening in the Fall?”
  • [Members only] Diamonds are forever
    Dear ladies Exclusive to HKM Full Members only. A chance to be pampered and spoiled yourselves with great selection of fine jewellery and watches to view and also indulgenced by an afternoon tea. For RSVP, please register and ask Lena for details. RSVP by Oct 1. Hope we may see you then. https://hkm-diamonds-are-forever.eventbrite.com
  • Cloud Accounting makes life simple
    An introduction guide to Xero Accounting – a cloud based accounting system that makes your life simple. Date : Tuesday 22 October 2019 Time : 8:30am to 10:30am Venue : Ucommune Sheung Wan Price : FREE for Ucommune and HK Momtrepreneurs members* $80 for non members Buy Tickets Buy Tickets on Eventbrite or please register here: https://cloud-accounting-simple.eventbrite.com ——- Everything you need to know in accounting – from bookkeeping, managing receivables, understanding expenses all the way to preparing for audit, you can have it allContinue reading “Cloud Accounting makes life simple”
  • Never too late…
    Never too late… As a global citizen, every one of us has our part in this global village.   It does not matter which sector do you work at or what role do you play in your community, we all have a stake in building a better world together.   It is all about the mindset… For everyone who enjoys playing games and cares about the state of our world today! Join us on 25th September for global We #Act4SDGs day.  25th September is the anniversary ofContinue reading “Never too late…”
  • #FutureofWorkHK: Banning All Single-use Plastics – Naveet McMahon
    Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers. They create solutions that people or the environment needs. Whether its changing how we interact with technology or how we use resources, they are there to try to make our lives better. In our #FutureofWorkHK series with Ucommune, we sat down with Ucommune member who is also a momtrepreneur, Naveet McMahon, Co-Founder of bakbamboo, as she shares her passion to solve one of the biggest problems in the world, our addiction to single-use plastics, through alternative biodegradable bamboo made products. Are youContinue reading “#FutureofWorkHK: Banning All Single-use Plastics – Naveet McMahon”
  • (no title)
    With the kids finally back to school, time for grown ups to chill. Meet other moms or entrepreneurs to learn from each other Get your drinks at the counter ~ only $60 for a drink plus plenty of networking with the great sunset view! Register to secure your seat! Buy Tickets Buy Tickets on Eventbrite  
  • Letting the little hands make magic
    On a Sunday morning, we drove to Sai Kung. It’s not a day for junk boat trip nor seafood feast, it was a a time for the 6 year old to explore what she can do with her little hands. We arrived 15minutes earlier to this nice organic store in Sai Kung facing the nice Seaview, greeted by warm welcome from Nassera the host. The girls were shy but immediate said they were hungry as they saw the nice alley of gourmet in theContinue reading “Letting the little hands make magic”
  • Growing Business with a Good Cause
    Explore social innovations and their impact in the community which can also help them grow their business ONE event | Growing Business with a Good Cause TWO cocktails | by Y Cocktail & Mocktail THREE Organizers | BPWHK x HKM x Ucommune FOUR Speakers | Alyssa x Harmony x Till x Lynda FIVE Takeaways | 1. To explore social impact opportunities in private, social enterprise and non-profit sectors; 2. To promote social innovation and entrepreneurship; 3. To enhance collaborations in social innovation spaces amongContinue reading “Growing Business with a Good Cause”
  • Boss Mom Q&A: Empowered to empower
    Created by Marie with the belief in women empowerment to eradicate poverty, Uplifters is a non-profit organisation empowering underprivileged communities and especially foreign domestic workers through online education. The organization offers a free money management and personal growth online program to help foreign domestic workers build sustainable futures for themselves and their families. Our first 3-week module “Dare to Dream” teaches them how to plan for the futu, save, budget and communicate better with their families and our follow-up 6-month module “Make it Happen”Continue reading “Boss Mom Q&A: Empowered to empower”
  • #FutureofWorkHK – a new era for HK Momtrepereneurs
    HK Momtrepreneurs is proud to announce the launch of its membership plan along with a partnership with Ucommune, which is a leading co-working space with 200 locations worldwide. In coming months, we are launching #FutureofWorkHK campaign to support Start-Ups and SMEs and provides incubation opportunities. Cafe 8 x HKM x Ucommune Incubator Corner  As part of the #FutureofWorkHK campaign, HK Momtrepreneurs is excited to be part of the Cafe 8 x HKM x Ucommune Incubator Corner where complimentary exhibition spaces will be available forContinue reading “#FutureofWorkHK – a new era for HK Momtrepereneurs”
  • Magic of Mentorship
    To mentor is to touch a life I grew up having some great mentors in my life both personally and professionally. I come to realise they are special kind of relationships that my mentors are often the first port of call when I face challenges in my life. That special bonding and trust we have built over the years and the fact that they are seeing the problems from the outside help me see the same issues another perspective. Over years I also learntContinue reading “Magic of Mentorship”
    What happens when some Hong Kong women entrepreneurs get together to map their business environments? Their assumptions get challenged, and they start looking at their entrepreneurial journeys in entirely new ways! These were some of my observations at a design thinking workshop that I facilitated. The workshop was at UCommune’s bright and cheerful co-working space in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Businesses represented were gems & jewelry, wellness products, sustainability, relationship counseling, and upcoming non-profits.   The workshop process Scribbling and sketching away for the better part of an hour, participantsContinue reading “FAST FORWARDING ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEYS, THE DESIGN THINKING WAY”
  • S.M.A.R.T. Marketing strategy
    S.M.A.R.T. Marketing strategy is a hands-on seminar to help you grow your business. We, as a team, identify factors that contribute towards a successful marketing campaign. Learn how to gain control over your marketing activities outcomes, and consequently, a boost in sales. Who is it for? BUSINESS OWNERS WHO WISH TO INCREASE THEIR VISIBILITY AND SALES. Your product or service is awesome, but doesn’t reflect in sales? You work hard on your social media, but don’t get clear results? You want to know howContinue reading “S.M.A.R.T. Marketing strategy”
    PIONEER INITIATIVE TO BRING ALL SECTORS ON FAMILY FRIENDLY POLICIES AT WORKPLACE Hong Kong as one of the most well developed global financial centers is far lagging behind in terms of female participants in the workforce especially at the senior level. Only 1 in 7[1] board of directors of HKEx listed companies is female that is far behind other developed countries in the region. In 2017 only 55%[2] of the women in Hong Kong are in the workforce comparing to Mainland China (61.5%[3]), SingaporeContinue reading “PIONEER INITIATIVE TO BRING ALL SECTORS ON FAMILY FRIENDLY POLICIES AT WORKPLACE”
  • Future Work in Hong Kong ~ way forward to family friendly policies in workplaces
    Hong Kong as one of the most well developed global financial centers is far lagging behind in terms of female participants in the workforce especially at the senior level. Only 1 in 7 board of directors of HKEx listed companies in Hong Kong is female that is far behind other developed countries in the region. In 2017 only 55% of the women in Hong Kong are in the workforce also lagging behind Mainland China (61.5%), Singapore (59.8%) and Japan (69.7%). Gender biases, social andContinue reading “Future Work in Hong Kong ~ way forward to family friendly policies in workplaces”
    Charles Burnett, an educator who pioneered Design Thinking, defines it as ‘A process of creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organised, decisions to be made, situations to be improved and knowledge to be gained.’ Entrepreneurship is a rocky road Some of the problems faced by entrepreneurs are unique to their situations with no obvious solutions. There is no need to despair. There are many methods that alleviate the ‘growing pains’ of entrepreneurship, with Design Thinking being one of the moreContinue reading “HOW CAN DESIGN THINKING BENEFIT ENTREPRENEURS?”
  • Fast-Forward Your Ideas to the Market 
    Fast-Forward Your Ideas to the Market 將您的點子推向市場 Boss Mom Academy 創媽學堂 Fast-Forward Your Ideas to the Market 將您的點子推向市場 Design Thinking Workshop for new entrepreneurs 初創設計思維研討會 Date: April 30, 2019 日期:2019年4月30日 Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm 時間:上午9:30至下午12:30 Place 地點: Ucommune Sheung Wan Price 費用: $280 Facilitator 導師: Deepa Kamath Interactive Workshop Conducted in English 以英語互動教授  REGISTER HERE 在此登記  
  • Wellness for Busy Moms
    女性日常生活保健之「都市人養生不難」 感謝 陳翠萍 Ingrid Chan 醫師在3月28日在The Wave百忙中抽空來為我們分享 @女性日常生活保健之「都市人養生不難」。繁忙的媽媽也需要先照顧好自己才可以照顧身邊的人。陳醫師更教了我們一起小貼士,平日為自己調理身體。 Thank you Dr Ingrid Chan sharing on Wellness for Busy Moms on March 28 at The Wave to introduce some daily TCM tips on how to take care of our own bodies. 場地贊助Venue Sponsor: The Wave      
  • Moms empower moms – “Made in Hong Kong” HATCH Visit
    Boss Mom in the Field: Made in Hong Kong 合廠 HATCH was well received on March 7 to celebrate #IWD2019. We had a great opportunity to see how the products are made at the co-working factory and there were also many ideas being bouncing around. Looking forward to many collaborations to come! 創媽考察:香港製造合廠參觀於3月7日成功舉辦。 各位會員藉此機會了解更多有關合廠的生產以及協商各類合作可能。接下來我們一定有更多機會拍住上!
  • 創媽學堂:都市人養生不難
    女性日常養生保健之道 「都市人養生不難」 繁忙媽媽也要照顧好自己才可照顧家人 月經後調理有多重要? 坐月時沒有乖乖,現在怎麼辦? 按穴位可以減壓嗎? 太忙可以怎樣養生? 分享嘉賓 陳翠萍中醫師 (Ingrid) 香港大學中醫全科學士 香港大學中醫深造証書(腫瘤學) 香港註冊中醫師 THE WAVE 旺角: 九龍旺角西洋菜南街2A-2H號銀城廣場25樓 (港鐵E2出口) 3月28日(星期四) 9:30-11:30 預約登記 • 免費參加 The event is conducted in Cantonese
  • Happy Mom bringing up Happy Child
    Happy Mom bringing up Happy Child 快樂媽媽帶出快樂孩子 If you think a 30 week pregnant mom who also needs to take care of a toddler is tough, wait til you meet Ekta who’s all that plus raising funds for her venture, MUMZ – Tinder for Mom apps. This super mom found MUMZ, a “Social Enterprise” that endeavours to be that virtual village that takes to raise a child. Helping mothers to able to find, meet and connect with other mothers in a mobile app based on location,Continue reading “Happy Mom bringing up Happy Child”
  • Wanna see “Made in HK” again?!
    Do you miss seeing products that are “Made in Hong Kong”?  Now, we can have that again in Hong Kong! HATCH, an impact purpose initiative by Social Ventures Hong Kong, aims to redefine the “Made in Hong Kong” culture by bringing local brands and women from under-privileged families together in a co-working factory space. We employ women as HATCH Talents, providing them with a family-friendly flexible working model as well as career- building opportunities that create room for personal growth and social ladders outContinue reading “Wanna see “Made in HK” again?!”
  • LoVe Your body & Mind
    How about your own ME TIME? You have focused a lot on your works and family, how about some time to take care of yourself? Want to try a workout that is easy for everyone?    你一直為工作和家庭奔波,是時候照顧一下自己了!想試試一樣適合任何年齡人士的簡單運動? What is Barre Workout? 什麼是芭蕾塑身 ? Barre is a full body workout, combining the benefits of dance, pilates, yoga, strength training, and intensity interval training in a 60 minutes unique formula.  芭蕾塑身是一種混合了舞蹈、普拉提及瑜伽的運動。60分鐘的持續力量訓練可以提升你的體態美。 Benefits 好處 • Help you to destress  可以你心情放鬆 • Strengthen the bodies 加強體能 • Connect mindContinue reading “LoVe Your body & Mind”
  • Boss Mom Q&A: Ten Little Monkeys jumping on…
    If you know Chhin, you know what I mean. This mother is full of energy and has a real passion on her venture – Little Monkey which is a free website and first directory for child-friendly facilities in Hong Kong with over 400+ facilities in categories of nursing and changing rooms, playgrounds and parks, and child-friendly restaurants with new categories coming soon. Children learn the best from going out, seeing the world and interacting with other children as kids should be free to beContinue reading “Boss Mom Q&A: Ten Little Monkeys jumping on…”
  • Boss Mom Academy: Let’s Pay Me
    Boss Mom Academy: Let’s Pay Me 波士媽媽學院:Let’s Pay Me ⠀ [BY INVITATION ONLY | 私人活動] ⠀ Introduction to a new digital payment solution that brings your customers closer to you: 最新網上支付平台簡介 ⠀ ✅ searching for a low cost digital payment solution? 正在尋找低成本網上支付平台方案? ✅ collecting HKD from customers in your daily business? 每天生意現在收取不會的港幣付款? ✅ trying to speed up the bank opening process? 嘗試加快開啟銀行戶口的程序? ⠀ Date 日期: Friday, February 1, 2019 | 2019年2月1日(星期五) ⠀ Time時間: 10:00am-11:30am ⠀ Fee費用: $40* [Only limited seat. Pay in advance byContinue reading “Boss Mom Academy: Let’s Pay Me”
  • Boss Mom Q&A: Magic in a bottle
    育有一兒一女的創媽Surya 創辦Kizs the nature,全亞洲唯一拿到美國農業部有機認證的草本品牌。只需4瓶有機草本精華已可舒緩大部份小寶寶的不適。草本專家在線可實時給媽媽們協助,在家也可快速舒緩小寶寶的不適。所有產品經過美國農業部檢測說明不是基因改造,沒有硫磺,沒有生長激素,沒有抗生素等等。聽聽Surya的草本創業路故事: A mother of two, Surya founded Kizs the nature, the only herbal brand in Asia that has obtained organic certification from the US Department of Agriculture. Just 4 bottles of organic herbal extracts can soothe the discomfort of most small babies. Herbal experts can help moms in real time and quickly relieve the discomfort of the baby at home. All products tested by the US Department of Agriculture indicated that they were not genetically modified, had no sulphur, no growthContinue reading “Boss Mom Q&A: Magic in a bottle”
  • Boss Mom Academy: Draw your Heart Out – introduction to Expressive Arts Therapy
    Enjoy a relaxing lunch to Draw Your Heart Out and learn more about Expressive Arts Therapy. 一個悠閒的午餐讓你畫出心扉認識表達藝術療法。 To register, please reserve a seat here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boss-mom-academy-draw-your-heart-out-intro-to-expressive-arts-therapy-tickets-54389635865 Space is limited. Register to confirm your seats. Program:  12noon to 12:45pm Light Lunch & Networking  12:45pm to 1:45pm Workshop 1:45pm to 2:00pm Announcement & wrap up  Place: WorkCave, Level 3, Everglory Center, 1B-1C Kimberley Street, TST  Max number of participants: 15  Language: English (supplement in Cantonese)  Workshop write up: The arts have been one of the greatest healingContinue reading “Boss Mom Academy: Draw your Heart Out – introduction to Expressive Arts Therapy”
  • Boss Mom Q&A – Bringing the Oriental Beauty out
    長衫旗袍愛好者Cammie成立了慈善長衫店Cammie Chan Charity Cheongsam,收集全新或二手成人及童裝長衫(接近九成新),以特惠價發售,收益扣除製作成本全數捐助香港展能藝術會。聽聽這位長衫發燒友的創業故事: Traditional Chinese dress cheongsam (Qi Pao) lover Cammie has established the charity boutique Cammie Chan Charity Cheongsam to sell brand new or second hand cheongsams at discount with the proceed net of operating costs all donated to Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong: 1. What inspired you to start your business?是什麼驅使你創業? 機緣巧合有一個短期嘅地方放租,嗰一刻好想把自己嘅長衫像我的收舊書活動般循環再用,最重要係可以推廣長衫普及化。 There was a short term leasing opportunity which provide me a chance to take my own Cheongsam to be sold and recycled and most importantly making theContinue reading “Boss Mom Q&A – Bringing the Oriental Beauty out”
  • KiDtrepreneur CAN-DO has made it!
    小小創業們經過一個週末的辛勞,終於可以將善款和玩具全部捐贈至 明愛綠色小腳板。多謝各位善長和小朋友支持!下次「開檔」再見! KiDtrepreneurs CAN-DO! After a weekend of hard work, we have donated the proceeds and the toys to Caritas Green Baby now. Thank you for the generosity of all donors and children. Until next time, Merry Christmas. ⠀ 要了解更多關於明愛綠色小腳板的資料,請遊覽: For more details about Caritas Green Baby, please visit:- http://greenbaby.caritas.org.hk 地址:九龍荔枝角青山道489至491號香港工業中心C座3樓15A室 Address: Rm.15A 3/F Block C Hong Kong Industrial Centre No. 489-491 Castle Peak Road Kowloon 開放時間:星期一至日10:00-6:00(公眾假期休息) Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-6:00 (Closed on Public Holiday)
    即時發佈 香港首個雙語創業媽媽平台 – 香港創業媽媽正式成立 打開教養子女新角度 [香港:12月1日] 根據近日一項調查顯示,高達26% 的香港女士選擇為家庭而放棄事業,是亞洲地區之首。就此證明越來越多香港女性珍惜教養孩子的重要性,但同時間也反映香港的政府政策和就業機會未能給予這些女性足夠的彈性。然而卻有不少女性希望工作上有足夠的彈性好讓他們能同時間兼顧照顧孩子的重任。 香港創業媽媽是首個中英文支援媽媽創業的社交平台。一般而言媽媽要照顧日常家庭的大小事務,通常也會漸漸地迷失了自己。媽媽的連平日也沒有足夠的睡眠,要維繫着自己的理想是一樣奢侈品。但是當看着孩子為着自己的小小成就而感到驕傲時,一切辛酸也拋諸腦後。 香港創業媽媽的宗旨是: 推動和支援媽媽,丈夫和孩子們對創業的精神; 提升婦女的自我價值和成就感,以平衡她們的家庭,事業和社區發展; 讓孩子更多參與父母的工作生活,並將父母作為他們的榜樣。 「教養子女已經不再是訓話和提點,當父母的一定要以身作則作為孩子的一個好榜樣」香港創業創辦人王茵媚分享。「小時候我看到爸爸在工廠內工作的辛勞,明白到一分耕耘一分收穫。現在的父母很多時候老在電腦前忙着,孩子總是很難明白爸爸媽媽是做什麼的。賺錢這回事最孩子心目中也變得模糊。」 香港創業媽媽的承諾不單止是以媽媽為服務對象,她們的另一半和孩子們也可以同時間得益。「創業媽媽背後的另一半是不可缺少的功臣,沒有丈夫的支持我是沒法安心工作。」Nutty Concept 的Florence讚揚。「同時間當孩子看着我一步一步在工廠忙碌著,更令我的工作變得更加有意義。」 12月1及2日一班創業媽媽決定聚在一起舉辦一個市集,當天香港創業媽媽也正式成立。活動當天集齊了超過20個攤位及八位專題講者的分享,當中有一位別具意義的攤位,「小小創意家」CAN-DO,小朋友將捐出自己的玩具義賣,籌得的善款及貨尾將搬至明愛綠色小腳板。「我們也希望小朋友玩多體貼一下創業的辛酸,就算只是一個小時也好!」 香港創業媽媽將推出更多活動給媽媽,丈夫和孩子們。要更多詳情請瀏覽:www.hkmomtrepreneurs.com 傳媒查詢: Lena Wong 王茵媚 「香港創業媽媽」創辦人 手提: 9500-3143 電郵: hello@hkmomtrepreneurs.com For Immediate release First ever bilingual momtrepreneur platform – HONG KONG MOMTREPRENEURS is officiated Bringing new perspectives to parenting [Hong Kong, December 1] Hong Kong is ranked no 1 in Asia with 26% of women who left their career to take care of the families, according to a recent research by HSBC.  More women in HongContinue reading “HONG KONG MOMTREPRENEURS is officiated”
    !LAST 4 DAYS 最後4天! 🎊CELEBRATION CAN BE SIMPLE🎊 🎁FREE GIVEAWAY 送大禮 🎁 Take part in celebrating Christmas in simple & healthy style with / 親身來體驗一個不一樣的聖誕: ❄️SIMPLE LIVING❄️ 🎄X’MAS MARKET🎄簡約生活聖誕市集 WorkCave • Dec 1-2 • 10-5 | 工作窩 • 12月1-2 • 10-5 Now you have a chance to win our fabulous Celebration can be Simple giveaway with value of over $8,000!! / 參加Celebration can be Simple有獎遊戲,獎品總值超過$8000。 Here are the easy steps / 參加辨法: 1️⃣ follow the @hkmomtrepreneurs | follow 我們 @hkmomtrepreneurs ⠀ ⠀ 2️⃣ likeContinue reading “CELEBRATION CAN BE SIMPLE”
    Take part in celebrating launch of HK Momtrepreneurs in simple & healthy style / 親身來一起慶祝香港創業媽媽正式成立: ❄️SIMPLE LIVING❄️🎄X’MAS MARKET🎄 簡約生活聖誕市集 WorkCave • Dec 1-2 • 10-5 | 工作窩 • 12月1-2 • 10-5 📅 Date 日期:December 1, 2018 🕜 Time 時間:13:30 🏢 Place 地點:WorkCave 工作窩, Level 1 Everglory Centre, 1B-1C Kimberley Street, TST | 尖沙咀金巴利街1B-1C號恒港中心1樓 RSVP:hello@hkmomtrepreneurs.com Follow all our sponsors and vendors today | 今天就follow我們所有贊助和商户: HK Momtrepreneurs @hkmomtrepreneurs WorkCave HK @workcavehk GLOW’in Image @glowinimage Nutty Concept @nuttyconcept Atelier Wengi @chiuyu.wengi BON BON AROMA @bonbonbelongings CANDYTREE @candytreekidsContinue reading “HK MOMTREPRENEURS 香港創業媽媽 🎊OPENING LAUNCH🎊 🍾正式成立 🍾”
  • Yes, We need You!
    Yes, we need you! We are a non profit bilingual platform to promote and support moms in running their own biz. ⠀ We need: ⠀ 💪🏻 Admin manager who can start a corporate structure for us ⠀ 💪🏻 Creative wizard who can make magic to our image and design ⠀ 💪🏻 Social media know how who can promote and publicise us 💪🏻 Power moms who do want our kids to be proud of us ⠀ If you are any of the above, please dropContinue reading “Yes, We need You!”
  • Boss Mom Q&A – She’s NUTS!
    Boss Mom Q&A – She’s NUTS! Who would be stupid enough to start a factory in Hong Kong anymore. Florence, a mother of two lovely kids, is one of the kind who started Nutty Concept – the premier fresh almond mylk producer in Hong Kong. Their almond mylk is dairy-free, cruelty-free, plant-based, and 100% all natural! They do home delivery with the glass bottle recycling – proud to make the world a greener place. 今時今日在香港哪有人還這麼笨開工廠。Florence 這位創媽就有這個膽量,創辨了Nutty Concept 這間新鮮杏仁奶生產商。它的杏仁奶不含乳製 品,全素,以植物為主,100%純天然!他們以玻璃瓶包裝,上門送貨和回收 – 能讓世界變得更加綠色。 Q: What inspiredContinue reading “Boss Mom Q&A – She’s NUTS!”
  • Boss Mom Q&A: from Passion to Action
    小編其實還未與「運動族人」Angel 見過面但已經被這位創媽的正能量吸引著。Angel 創辨這間令人感到親切且有效率的網上運動舖, 嚴選售賣本地及世界知名品牌的運動及户外用品, 亦會定期於日本代購, 貼地分享有趣運動資訊、舉辦多種線下活動, 輕輕鬆鬆帶動香港人投入愉快的運動生活, 亦為不少家長解決為孩子選購運動用品的煩惱 。 Whereas I have never met Angel in person, I have been attracted by her positive energy. Angel has founded this intimate and efficient online sports shop, Sports Union, that diligently selects sports and outdoor products from local and world-renowned brands. It also regularly purchases in Japan, distributes interesting sports information and organizes various offline activities. It is aimed to drive Hong Kong people into a happy sports life, and also solves the troubles for manyContinue reading “Boss Mom Q&A: from Passion to Action”
  • Boss Mom Q&A: Painting from the heart
    When you meet Abigail, you would be amazed by her cheerful smile.  If you see her paint, you would be impressed by her talent. A mother of a lovable boy started Abigail’s Face and Body Art which specializes in fun, fast, high quality and hygienic face painting for all types of  events in Hong Kong. She covers face painting, glitter bar and bling, temporary tattoos for parties to body painting and extreme makeup in festivals, corporate events and photo shoots. Hear what this BossContinue reading “Boss Mom Q&A: Painting from the heart”
  • Simple Living X’mas Market
    ❄️Simple Living X’mas Market ❄️ Organiser: HK Momtrepreneurs Sponsor: WorkCave Hong Kong 🎄 Theme: Simple and Green living, suitable for parents and children 📆 Date: 1st – 2nd December 2018 🏢 Place: WorkCave @workcavehk, Level 1 and Level 3, Everglory Centre, 1B-1C Kimberly Street, Tsim Sha Tsui 🕙 Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm Target no of vendors: 12-18 We are also planning to have some Simple Talk program in the afternoon of both days to attract more people coming to the event. Tentative program include:Continue reading “Simple Living X’mas Market”
  • A real childhood
    真正的童年 When I was young, it was so common seeing kids running around the neighbourhood, really having a ball to be on the street. Nowadays, kids are either in various hobby classes after school or stayed at home watching YouTube or playing video games. 小時候常常見到孩子自由自在在街上走着。現在他們只會在補習班或興趣班房來又或者待在家中看YouTube或打電玩。 The playgrounds are no longer fun. We had metal slides 2-3 storey high, we had wooden swings, we could stand on and jump off from them, we had monkey bars we could fall down on hard landing. Nowadays weContinue reading “A real childhood”
  • Glad to be home
    留在家中是一種幸福 I made a choice to stay home taking care of the children ever since my elder one was born and that was the biggest and best ever decision I have ever made. When you tell others you are just a stay at home mom (SAHM) or full time mom (FTM), people often think you don’t have to work. Nah… you work harder than anyone else. 大女兒出生後我便決定留在家中照顧她,這個的確是我人生中最重大和最佳的決定。當告訴別人你是全職媽媽時,大多數人會說:「真好,你不用工作!」或「哦,當上太太可以每天嘆下午茶。」確實,全職媽媽這份工作比任何的更辛苦。 Leaving my last job which was paying me a decent salary was not easy but I haveContinue reading “Glad to be home”
  • Law of attractions 吸引力法則
    Being a typical extrovert, it is almost in my blood to easily connect with anyone anywhere. I was often being teased that I could talk to anyone from age of three to eighty regardless of their gender or language spoken. I can always find countless common topics to chat about with most of the people around me. 天性外向的我從來喜歡與不同人溝通。外子常常笑説我不論三至八十歳任何國籍的男女老少也可以「吹水」。對我而言,任意找個話題和別人交談並非困難。 However I was being very selective and careful with talking business with people. I never wanted to associate my work with people who are very closeContinue reading “Law of attractions 吸引力法則”
  • 創業路上 – 你永遠不會孤單 The road to entrepreneurship – you are not alone
    作為媽媽,每天要處理百樣事情 – 家中的大小事務,小朋友的活動/飲食安排, 都要一一處理, 很多時候忙得不可開交, 能夠分身去創業 ,很多時都要等到夜闌人靜的時候才「開工」, 當另一半和小孩在熟睡時,自己才頂著睡意工作,有時候不禁會感到孤單, 感到氣餒,甚至懷疑自己 – 「這麼辛苦,為什麼呢?」 Being a mother, it is always restless everyday, taking care of household chaos and meals arrangement for the kids, leaving no room for ourselves not to mention starting our own businesses. Our business hour is often late when the children and husbands are sound asleep, leaving us working in the dark silent nights all by ourselves. Sometimes we have doubts, feeling depressed and wondering why we need to deal with all these. 是的,我們都會疲累,我們都會有負面情緒,Continue reading “創業路上 – 你永遠不會孤單 The road to entrepreneurship – you are not alone”
  • Sharing is caring 共享共勉
    Being the third child at home, it was never an option to me not to share. In the great scheme of things though, willingness to share has made me a better person. I volunteer a lot and am always willing to help others without asking for any rewards. In return, I often receive more than what I have contributed. 作為家中第三個小孩,我對於分享這一個名詞絕不陌生。整體來說,懂得分享的性格確實幫助我成為一個更有用的人。從小我便喜歡當義工,亦習慣不求回報的幫助人他,往往卻經常有意外驚喜得到更大的收穫。 The idea of sharing at a professional setting is nothing new. From attending conference to learn from experts sharing to working at co-working spaceContinue reading “Sharing is caring 共享共勉”
  • What’s your superpower? 你有什麼超能力?
    Many would say you are too busy being mom with 2 young girls, how could you even start a business? Indeed there are countless reasons why a mom is best suited to be an entrepreneur, here are just a few of them: 朋友常問我怎麼可你照顧兩個小朋友之餘也可以創業?事實上有太多原因為什麼媽媽的適合創業,讓我們看看幾個: Time management 時間管理 Motherhood does not make us less ambitious. Being mom just makes us more flexible and adaptive to changes.   We need to manage our own schedules and knowing how to joggle things around to cater for the children’sContinue reading “What’s your superpower? 你有什麼超能力?”
  • Stay connected 保持聯絡
    Many of us have spent a lot of time on the phone either browsing or creating posts that make a lot sense to you but are you over doing it? Being busy moms, we do want to stay connected while struggling to take care of the kids and the houses. Here are some tools that can make your social media life easy: 我們大概花很多時間在手機上,也許你是緊貼各類型的資訊或分享自己的近況,但是你是否用上過多時間?在處理小朋友的生活和家中大小事務中,我們作為繁忙媽媽也想和外間保持聯絡。以下是一些能令你的生活變得簡單一點的小工具: 1. canva.com An online graphic design platform that is easy yet professional, canva.com is absolutely free with some stock photos whichContinue reading “Stay connected 保持聯絡”
  • Make Them Proud 讓他們自豪
    It felt like yesterday when I decided to make the biggest decision in my professional life, to decide to take a career break and be a full time mom to stay home to take care of my daughter.  That was 4.5 years ago in her first month.  There were numerous times when I wanted to give up my seemingly enjoyable “tai tai” life with helper and a loving daughter and to go back to the workforce.   A year later, I was pregnant againContinue reading “Make Them Proud 讓他們自豪”

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