Fostering Digital Transformation: New $500m D-Biz Fund to support

Original post by on April 20, 2020

COVID-19 has great caused global impact both positively and negatively. Negatively speaking, it’s a huge tsunami for a lot of traditional businesses. Positively speaking, it’s a huge opportunity for digital businesses.

It’s going to be a change and there will be a new way of spending and lifestyle in the future. It simply means it’s the time for digital transformation.

Hong Kong has no exception, and thanks to its great treasury reserves, Hong Kong is still able to survive and offer different subsidy schemes and policies that favour and help businesses to sustain in the market.

The businesses to be supported include online stores, e-marketing, cyber-security, remote document management, remote team management, and virtual meeting

Recently, the Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau has also announced the HKD 500 million D-Biz scheme for 6 months period to support Hong Kong enterprises work from home. The businesses to be supported include online stores, e-marketing, cyber-security, remote document management, remote team management, and virtual meeting.

Application starts in May and Hong Kong Productivity Council will be the secretarial entity handling. ITD expected the application would only take 10 working days upon all documents submission. This is a motivating measure and it’s a great opportunity to foster digital transformation.

GoBuddy is ready to be part of this journey, as we are offering a full 3-in-1 digital software suite for checkout solutions integrated with e-commerce, e-booking and community building in one single platform.

The original post by the Innovation and Technology Bureau can be found at: and below. Only in Chinese.

創科抗疫 轉危為機



例如零售店舖在疫情下生意冷清,可透過計劃發展電子商務;餐飲業在市民減少聚集的情況下受到重創,可利用資助開拓網上外賣餐飲服務、增設流動電子支付;教育中心可開設線上課程、診所可設置網上應診等。只要是有助於遙距營商的科技應用,不論是設置網店(online stores)、進行網上營銷(e-marketing)、強化網絡安全(cybersecurity)、或是方便在家工作的遙距文件管理系統(remote document management)、遙距團隊管理(remote team management)、網上會議(virtual meeting)等,購買和採用科技方案及相關培訓的開支,我們都會全額資助。每個方案連同培訓開支的資助最多10萬元,而每間公司(上市公司、法定機構和接受公帑資助的非政府機構除外)可獲最多30萬元總額資助。






#EM Stories: Love is all it takes

Embracing Motherhood is the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020. We have invited our members and partners, either mothers or not, to share their own stories of #EmbracingMotherhood.

As a mother of three children, Ingrid Chan has her plate quite full as she is also running her own Chinese medicine clinic. Let’s her from her the #EmbracingMotherhood story that keeps her going everyday:

Q: What have you learnt from motherhood that helped you at work? Or the other way around?

A: To be the role model for my kids

Q: How does your own identity of mother connect with their role in the workforce?

A: Reliable and Considerate

Q: What are the common traits you may see between a mother and a working professional?

A: Working very HARD

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself in relation to your unique experience of #EmbracingMotherhood.

A: Being a mom of three kids, my unique experience is when I bring them alone and they all slept over on a bus journey. I became a multi-function cushion, security guard, strong woman without any brush on but still feeling so good when you looking at their sleeping face.

Q: In a single word, what is Motherhood to you?


Q: As #EmbracingMotherhood campaign unfolds, which topic(s) would you like us to cover in relation to this theme?

A: Motherhood and Life Balance

To learn more about Ingrid, you may reach out to her on our members page.

Stay with us to hear more #EmbracingMotherhood stories and continue supporting us on Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs’ Moms Take Off campaign. Stay tuned.