#FutureofWorkHK: Embracing Flexibility and Mobility – Sarah Garner

“Become employee centric and embrace flexibility and mobility to attract and retain the best talent”. Continuing on with our #FutureofWorkHK video series with UCommune Hong Kong, we interviewed Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle, who explains her business solution to a universal problem, what to do with your kids clothing when they outgrow their clothes, predominately … Continue reading #FutureofWorkHK: Embracing Flexibility and Mobility – Sarah Garner

What’s the MO in November?

It could also be “SheforHe” 反之亦然 … In this month of November, let the women also take part to help support Man’s Health through the Movember Campaign.   To further our works in support #FutureofWorkHK, we continue bringing Cloud Accounting to our members as well as featuring age inclusion at workplace… 在11月份,讓女性也參與Movember運動來幫助支持男仕健康關注。為了進一步支持 #FutureofWorkHK 工作,我們繼續將Cloud Accounting介紹給我們的會員,並推廣職場年齡無界限…     … Continue reading What’s the MO in November?

#FutureofWorkHK: Age Inclusion in the Workplace – Priyanka Gothi

“Why can’t a 70 year old be a millennial, why can’t a 75 year old be a coder or help you in a project that’s delivering technology-based solution. It is possible .”  In our #FutureofWorkHK series with Ucommune, we sat down with Priyanka Gothi, Founder of Wise At Work, as she shares and explains her view on global talent … Continue reading #FutureofWorkHK: Age Inclusion in the Workplace – Priyanka Gothi

What’s happening in the Fall?

Into the 4th quarter of the year 踏進最後一季… A lot of happenings for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, our members and our partners in these few months before we call it an end to 2019:- 短短數月裡,在香港創業媽媽和我們的會員及合作夥伴當中發生很多很多:- It’s not sexy but it’s essential 雖不性感但卻十分重要的 … An introduction guide to Xero Accounting – a cloud based accounting system that makes … Continue reading What’s happening in the Fall?