Make Them Proud 讓他們自豪

#tbtIt felt like yesterday when I decided to make the biggest decision in my professional life, to decide to take a career break and be a full time mom to stay home to take care of my daughter.  That was 4.5 years ago in her first month.  There were numerous times when I wanted to give up my seemingly enjoyable “tai tai” life with helper and a loving daughter and to go back to the workforce.   A year later, I was pregnant again with my second daughter – that pretty much confirmed another year or so without any hope to go back to the job market.


Now with both girls in half day schooling, the idea of going back to work came upon me again.  However this time the calling becomes stronger than I do not want to back to the same field of asset management – those long hours and stressful life to work for someone else is no longer appealing to me despite how I may be compensated with better remuneration.  Being a mother of two daughters now, I just would not be able to bear the high pressure working environment anymore.    I would want something more rewarding than just the momentary value, something beyond a monthly pay check and the fixed office hours.   I would want something that make my girls proud knowing that their mother is capable of doing greatest things outside of the house.


There would be many reasons as to why a woman wants to be a momtrepreprenuer: you may want some extra income to help support the family, you may want some moments to be out of the house, you may want a life that brings you more topics other than just the kids and household chaos. No matter what, we all would have the same goal – to be the role models for our children and let them explore their own dreams.


About the contributor 投稿者檔案

Ever since she has been a mother, Lena has put aside her career and focus on her children. Although she has left her job, Lena has never given up her own dream. With the children start schooling now, she has returned but this time working for herself and helping others dreams come true.

Lena is a Canadian Hong Konger. She was previously working for a number of asset management firms and was chartered as CFA. A mother of two daughters, Lena works as a business consultant helping small business to grow.



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