Moms4Moms Fellowship Program

Open to mothers. Lessons Commence from September 2021. Application Deadline: August 27, 2021.

MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program is a women empowerment program to pair less privileged mothers with middle class mothers into the modules on hard and soft skills related to motherhood and entrepreneurship. We will have 40 fellows in each cohort to have more cross cultural integrations and the program runs from September to March each year followed by the final pitching by end of the program in May.


  1. To implement a peer to peer fellowship in providing the support and sharing from those who had gone through the same experience;
  2. To provide empowerment opportunity for mothers of diverse background and ethnicity; 
  3. To educate entrepreneurship spirit to mothers to have well balanced of life between career, family and community;
  4. To promote community engagement among mothers of diverse background and ethnicity;
  5. To raise the financial independence and self actualization for mothers in bringing more positive energy to their families.  

Let’s Stand up for Each Other

Mothers are often neglected with learning opportunities; mothers should be granted with all the possibilities in their journey of discovery, unlearning and relearning.    We are proud to pioneer the first cohort of MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program to bring to moms from all walks of life together in learning more Motherhood and Entrepreneurship.  We are also delighted to offer Internship opportunities to the most outstanding fellows from the program

Lena Wong, Founder & Executive Director of Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited

Duration: 9 months

Seasoned trainers will be invited to conduct a 3 hours workshop on the two topics for each module once a month.    These modules are designed specifically for moms to address their challenges and to integrate motherhood and entrepreneurship together.    The 6 modules will be: 

Module NoMotherhoodEntrepreneurship
1Motherhood & ChangeMarket Research
2Motherhood & WellbeingFinancial Management
3Motherhood & RelationshipProduct Design and Testing
4Mums at WorkCorporate Structure
5The Eco-Sustainable MumsDigital Marketing
6Motherhood & Learning Product Management
Topics may be adjusted according to the intake

In May, fellows will be showcasing their products and pitching at HKM flagship event.  


  • 40 fellows of diverse education, ethnicity and cultural background
  • Children of the fellows
  • All female – mothers preferred.   

If i look at the need for marginalized Ethnic Minorities, there is a need for so much. There is a need for women who are involved in the education for their children to look at the provision of books, extracurricular activities, the provision of helping each other. Only when you are in that position as a mother, do you think of what your children need and what your household might need and therefore you can think of creative ways for solving for those problems.

Shalini Mahtani, MBE, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The Zubin Foundation

Let’s Stand up for Each Other


  1. Module workshops 
    1. From September to March, a 3 hour workshop is held on each module topic;
    2. At each workshops we will kick start the pairs to work on the mini program/exercise based on the topics;
    3. At next workshop we can review the completed exercise and start on the next topic;
    4. All fellows have to complete the exercises so that they are more peer to peer influence and support
  2. Fellowship supports
    1. To group the fellows into team of four from diverse background; 
    2. To overcome the issue of language, we can group 2 pairs as a team to have some more interactions;
    3.  The group will have 2 online support tutorials in between workshops to keep the progress and also support each other.
  3. Showcasing 
    1. The teams will showcase and present their products and business ideas at the Flagship event of HKM in May; 
    2. They can receive instant feedback from judges and general public at the event. 
  4. On the job experience 
    1. Upon completion of the program, fellows with outstanding achievement can have the opportunity to have job shadowing and internship at HKM network of companies and organizations.

Supporting Organizations:

HKM will invite the following organizations to be supporting:

Dream Impact 夢創成真
JCI Hong Kong Jaycettees 香港女青年商會
Rolling Books
Women In Sports Empowerment (WISE HK) 睿動香港
The Women’s Foundation 婦女基金會
The Zubin Foundation

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