You’re Mpowered 2021

The 5 half-day “You’re Mpowered” training camp empowering mothers via self discovery training and build dignity with children to participate in arts programs. This is a training camp that provides inspiration for mothers, so that they can find their interests and enhance their potentials. At the same time, it also provides art camps for mothers’ children.

We are now recruiting 20 mothers and their children who have been at home for a long time in Sham Shui Po District. In this training camp, we also have the support of Arts for Good Foundation’s art education. We work with Hong Kong University students and some middle school students to create art experience programs for participating children, and on the 5th day, we will let mothers integrate into their children’s creations.

Tentative Program Schedule:

(Lessons are held at 9:30am to 12:30pm)

Day 1: Passion and purpose
Through design thinking workshops, the dignity mamas can find the passion and purpose of their life to balance their caretaking responsibilities of their children as well as a motivation for themselves to keep going.

Day 2: Talent and Strength
With interactive workshops, dignity mamas can rediscover their own talent and strength and be able to build up their confidence.

Day 3: Resilience and Empathy
With the Hack your Box to inclusion workshop, dignity mamas can also learn more about empathic leadership and how inclusion can be a key to resilience.  

Day 4: Presentation and Communication
Learning how to pitch and present oneselves is key to build up confidence and so in this lesson, dignity mamas will learn all the tricks to have good tips to present themselves.  

Day 5: Collaboration and Partnership
Motherhood can also be a lonely journey and so it is important to open up to collaborate and build partnership – even extend them to their relationship with children.  On the last day, we want to bring the mothers and children together to complete an arts creation work.  


For more information please email to: or call us at 9248 4861

Successful candidates are asked to pay a commitment deposit of $500 which will be refunded upon 80% completion of the Program.

The past year has been challenging for all of us including NGO. This is a self funded program but we also want to make this program available to all.   We welcome any form of donation or support 

Organizer will provide arts program for children of fellows (suggested ages of 7 or above) and reserve the right of final approval.

Lessons will be conducted primarily in Cantonese supplemented with English.   


Organiser: Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited 

Arts for Good Foundation 
Hope of the City

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