Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is the first non-profit organization in Hong Kong supporting busy moms continue having their ventures.

How childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in HK 生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響

How childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in HK 生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響

Complete 5 min survey now 填寫5分鐘問卷 In collaboration with Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs and JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes, the Hong Kong...
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2021 Mooncakes Charity Collaboration

2021 Mooncakes Charity Collaboration

香港​​​​希爾頓花園酒店 x 香港創業媽媽之2021年慈善合作售賣月餅 Hilton Garden Inn Hong Kong Mongkok x Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs 2021 Mooncakes Charity Collaboration 又到一年一度中秋節,今年香港創業媽媽再度與香港​​​​希爾頓花園酒店合作,只要你選購以下四款任何一款月餅,可獲八折優惠及免費送貨。 希爾頓低糖雙黃白蓮蓉月餅(4個裝)希爾頓低糖陳皮豆沙月餅(4個裝)希爾頓精選迷你低糖蛋黄白蓮蓉及陳皮豆沙月餅禮盒(6個裝)希爾頓特級迷你低糖蛋黄白蓮蓉及陳皮豆沙月餅禮盒(8個裝) 立即登入網址...
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We are looking for volunteers now

We're looking for a volunteer Children Program Assistants ! Can you help? Please take a minute to apply here: Apply...
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Open for Application 現正接受報名:Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2021

Open for Application 現正接受報名:Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2021

Moms4Moms Fellowship 2021 Program Recruitment2021年Moms4Moms媽媽創業家培育計劃招募 Our Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2021 is now open for application now until August 27It is...
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Moms4Moms Fellowship Program

HKM is a newly set up non profit organization to support mothers to continue their ventures and we want to extend this support to less privileged mothers. This year we are launching Moms4Moms Fellowship Program – a 9-months learning program for 40 fellows to learn soft skills of motherhood and hard knowledge of entrepreneurship.

About Us

Our Mission

We are the first bilingual non profit platform in Hong Kong:

  • to educate life long skill of entrepreneurship among mothers and families by providing a platform to create opportunities through membership network, trainings and event;
  • to empower women to have the achievement and self fulfilment in balancing their families, careers and community;
  • to engage more involvements by children in their parents’ work life and enhance the parents as role models for their children;
  • to support underprivileged women in training our members as their mentors;
  • to raise public awareness on policies related to women empowerment and family by working closely with government, public sectors private sectors.


Our Latest

Moms4Moms Fellowship Program


Mothers are often neglected with learning opportunities; mothers should be granted with all the possibilities in their journey of discovery, unlearning and relearning.  


What we do


Every year HKM selects a thought leadership topic that concerns mothers, children and their families. In 2019, we focused on #FutureOfWorkHK.

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We welcome women who value the balance of work, family and community life to join us as members where we support each other with more than knowledge.

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We are grateful to have the support from many partners and sponsors in the past; without their supports, the HKM and members start up journey would not be as successful. 

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What People Say

There is no other local non-profit platform offering what HKM does! Thanks to HKM, I can now connect and network with other moms who are like-minded, and support each other in our journey of balancing our career and motherhood. Thanks HKM!

Kary Lam, Natural Wellness ChiroCentre


I have been fortunate to know HKM as the network support that can be availed has been of tremendous help to me during times of need. Everyone is very resourceful and willing to share their knowledge with each other. HKM has a vast pool of knowledge and resources that she can support us with. I think that being in this support group can only help us to build our network which is important for us to sustain our business.

Arati Limbu, Baby Basics



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