About HKM 關於香港創業媽媽

Welcome to Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs – a place for those of us who are busy being moms while wanting a venture for ourselves.  Whether you are already running a business or you have been thinking about that, being a mother just makes it more likely you could make it happen.  Let us be the supports with knowledge sharing to help more moms to become momtreprenuers.

歡迎來臨香港創業媽媽:一個給予繁忙媽媽一個實踐理想的平台。無論你已經擁有自己的公司,還是一直有創業的想法,作為媽媽便是有能夠把它做好! 讓我們提供更多資訊和支援使更多媽媽成為創業媽媽!

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Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is the first bilingual non profit platform in Hong Kong:

  • to educate life long skill of entrepreneurship among mothers and families by providing a platform to create opportunities through membership network, trainings and event;
  • to empower women to have the achievement and self fulfilment in balancing their families, careers and community;
  • to engage more involvements by children in their parents’ work life and enhance the parents as role models for their children;
  • to support underprivileged women in training our members as their mentors;
  • to raise public awareness on policies related to women empowerment and family by working closely with government, public sectors private sectors.
  • 通過提供一個通過會員網絡,培訓和活動創造機會的平台,教育母親和家庭的創業精神;
  • 賦予婦女在平衡家庭,事業和社區方面取得成就和自我實現的能力;
  • 讓兒童更多參與父母的工作生活,並將父母作為子女的榜樣;
  • 支持貧困婦女及培訓我們的成員作為他們的導師;
  • 通過與政府,公共部門私營部門密切合作,倡導有關賦予婦女權力和家庭的政策。


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