Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is a registered charity in Hong Kong (IR File No: 91/17698) to empower marginalized mothers through entrepreneurship.

Moms4Moms 2023-2024 Cohort Lessons Highlights

Moms4Moms 2023-2024 Cohort Lessons Highlights

Moving towards the end of 2023, we are almost halfway through the 2023 Moms4Moms Fellowship Program.   From an extraordinary...
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Love yourself and Act Now

Love yourself and Act Now

In collaboration with PHASE Scientific and supported by Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, the Karen Leung Foundation is offering 200 women a...
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Strengthen Your LinkedIn Presences, Join our Moms4Moms Alumni Gathering

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Presences, Join our Moms4Moms Alumni Gathering

Hi all, we are hosting Moms4Moms alumni gathering to reunite and get in touch of your status. We shall also...
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Moms4Moms Fellowship Program

Apply before August 4, 2023

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Every year HKM selects a thought leadership topic that concerns mothers, children and their families.

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We welcome women who value the balance of work, family and community life to join us as members where we support each other with more than knowledge.

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We are grateful to have the support from many partners and sponsors in the past; without their supports, the HKM and members start up journey would not be as successful. 

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What People Say

There is no other local non-profit platform offering what HKM does! Thanks to HKM, I can now connect and network with other moms who are like-minded, and support each other in our journey of balancing our career and motherhood. Thanks HKM!

Kary Lam, Natural Wellness ChiroCentre


I have been fortunate to know HKM as the network support that can be availed has been of tremendous help to me during times of need. Everyone is very resourceful and willing to share their knowledge with each other. HKM has a vast pool of knowledge and resources that she can support us with. I think that being in this support group can only help us to build our network which is important for us to sustain our business.

Arati Limbu, Baby Basics


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