Magic of Mentorship

To mentor is to touch a life

I grew up having some great mentors in my life both personally and professionally. I come to realise they are special kind of relationships that my mentors are often the first port of call when I face challenges in my life. That special bonding and trust we have built over the years and the fact that they are seeing the problems from the outside help me see the same issues another perspective.

Over years I also learnt to be someone’s mentor where I could indeed not only share my own experience and thought but also constantly learn from the mentees. As parents now, we also need to keep learning even from our own children as they are often doing things in the most innovative ways.

Mentorship is like communication, it’s a two way street

Never underestimate what you can learn from others regardless of their status. Mentorship is a two way streets like communication where you always need to make it bilateral. There are so much more mentors and mentees can learn from each other.

I had the privilege to be hosting a small workshop with talents at Hatch a social enterprise co-working factory in Kwai Hing. Talents are mostly less privileged women in the district, with young children, who cannot go to work. Hatch has a small playroom where talents can bring their children to work. On May 15, I did a communication game with the talents and staffs followed by a debriefing chitchat with the talents where I could learn so much from them by sharing my own knowledge and experience with them. This is only the beginning of the mentorship program we will be launching soon at HK Momterpernuers. Stay tuned.

Never underestimate what you can learn from others despite their status


在個人和職業生涯中,我遇上一些對我來說十分重要的導師。 我開始意識到這是一種特殊的關係:當我面對生活中的挑戰時,我的導師往往是我的救生第一站。 多年來我們建立起來的特殊聯繫和信任以及他們從外部看到問題的事實幫助我用另一種觀點看到了同樣的問題。

同樣地,我也學會了成為別人的導師,我不僅可以分享自己的經驗和思想,還可以不斷向學員們學習。 作為父母,我們還需要繼續學習孕育自己的孩子,因為他們經常以最創新的方式做事。

永遠不要低估從別人那裡學到的東西,無論他們的身份如何。 師友是一條雙向的街道,就像溝通一樣,你總是需要把它變成雙邊的。 有更多的導師和學員可以互相學習。

我有幸在葵興的一家社會企業合作工廠Hatch合廠和學員舉辦了一個小型工作坊。 學員們大多是該地區的基層婦女,因帶著有幼兒而無法上班的。 合廠內有一個小型的遊戲室,好讓學員可以帶孩子去上班。 5月15日,我學員與和工作人員進行了一次有關溝通遊戲,然後通過與他們分享我自己的知識和經驗,從他們那裡學到了很多才能。 香港創業媽媽即將在推出的導師友計劃。 不容錯過喔!

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