Girls Sport! Journal Book about girls who do sports


Rolling Books動起來,鼓勵女生一起做運動!

創業媽媽平台Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs與Rolling Books決定一起流汗,邀請<Sporty Girl Journals>作者Alicia Lui與大家分享,她如何用香港十位女生運動員的故事,活現於這本170頁的彩色圖冊,發掘不同體育資歷女生的內在運動潛能! 本Journal中設計了運動指示及紀錄欄位,好讓妳認識自己在體育路上的每一滴汗水!尤其有關女生開始運動時的各種困難,這本體育日誌陪伴你衝破障礙!


<Sporty Girl Journals> 作者:Alicia Lui

日期:18/1/2020 (六)


地點:Cafe 8

地址:中環8 號碼頭香港海事博物館天台觀景廳


免費入場。請當天於Cafe 8購置至少一杯飲品以支持場地夥伴。

主辦:Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, Rolling Books

場地夥伴:Cafe 8



@Girls Sport – Book Sharing to Empower Girls for More Sports


同日Rolling Books在荔枝角海麗邨進行「童書庇護所」免費童書分享(尋求庇護者家庭/少數族裔家庭優先) ,我們特邀<Sporty Girl Journals> 作者Alicia Lui,在上午分享會後立即跑到海麗邨,與區內華人及少數族裔家庭及小孩,以分享會繼續鼓勵基層女孩加入運動的行列!

日期:18/1/2020 (六)






策劃:Rolling Books

協力:Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs


海麗邨部份的活動,由香港中文大學「尤努斯社會事業中心」,及2020年「Oxsitis 逆の女」逆之女 Rebel Queen慈善名額支持。



Girls Sport!

Journal Book about girls who do sports

A book sharing gathering to empower girls for more sports!

The energetic writer of the an exciting and sweaty title, would join in this gathering to tell you more about their sports journey!

<Sporty Girl Journals> by Alicia Lui

One book combining stories, illustrations, activities and journaling to inspire girls to dream big and bold and find joy and passion in sports.

“New ‘Sporty Girl Journals’ tells inspirational stories of women smashing barriers; lets readers pen their own experiences” – SCMP

Date: 18/1/2020 (Sat)

Time: 10:30-11:30am

Venue: Cafe 8

Address: Central Pier No. 8 – Rooftop (Above Maritime Museum)

(Sharing conducted in English)

Free admission. Please support Cafe 8 by ordering at least 1 drink.

Organised by: Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, Rolling Books

Venue Support: Cafe 8



<Sporty Girl Journals> by Alicia Lui

@Girls Sport – Book Sharing to Empower Girls for More Sports

****Breaking News: 2nd sharing session****

Rolling books is organising @Free Children Books on the same day, and we have the pleasure to invite Alicia Lui, the author of <Sporty Girl Journals> to do a 2nd sharing session at Hoi Lai Estate of Cheung Sha Wan right after the first sharing that day! Chinese and ethnic minorities families are invited to join, for the sports empowerment for the underprivileged families in Hoi Lai Estate!

Date: 18/1/2020 (Sat)

Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Venue: Hoi Lai Centre, People Service Centre

Address: Room 4, G/F., Hoi Nga House, Hoi Lai Estate, Lai Chi Kok

(Sharing conducted in English)

Organised by:Rolling Books

Assisted by:Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs

Venue Support:People Service Centre

The sharing in Hoi Lai Estate is supported by Yunus Social Business Centre, CUHK and the charity seat of the race Oxsitis Rebel Queen, 2020.

Children’s Books Matter: Free Children’s books for Children of Ethnic Minorities and Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong