Keep a little sanity while working from home

While many of us have to work at home during the outbreak of coronavirus in Asia, we all need to keep a little sanity while interacting with the keyboard and screen rather than real human for the whole day. In places like Hong Kong especially, we are often trapped in a small apartment with other family members who are also forced to stay at home away from work and from school. Although it is nice to have more time with our family, the pressure from remote working in addition to crowded space makes our work more challenging.

Here are some useful tips and resources helping companies maintain business operation and employees well being while overcoming this challenge:

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During times like this, it is a good time to be resilient and prepare ourselves so we may capture the opportunities when things start picking up. Until then, stay healthy and keep calm!


Something about the author:

A marketer, an entrepreneur, an advocate and a mother, Lena has a strong calling to push forward workplace diversity and flexibility. She believes there should be no boundary to how works should be done. She was a finance professional who left behind her decent livings and devoted herself to the family when her first daughter was born. She has eventually landed herself in her own marketing consultancy for small enterprises and also dedicated herself in founding Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs – a non profit organization in Hong Kong supporting moms and families in their entrepreneurial journey. Lena also appreciates the impacts from social innovations and further pursues her works in promoting UNSDGs.

In her leisure time, Lena enjoys sipping a glass of wine or coffee with friends and she contributes herself as Advisor and Trainer at Junior Chamber International and as Program Chair in HK Association of Business and Professional Women.