The Ability to give is Empowering

Little efforts > great impacts 積少成多集腋成裘

A Saturday morning filled with love and positive energy. I left home a bit early so I could meet my friend from social enterprise Rolling Books James Chong, who is always inspiring and giving me so much energy. After the breakfast today, it’s proven that James and I are friends of life and death given that there are minimal social interactions in this city as it is struggling from the Coronavirus outbreak.

一個充滿了愛和正能量的星期六早晨。 我提早離開家,與社企Rolling Books 的James Chong會面,他總是鼓舞人心,給了我很多能量。 香港正遭受冠狀病毒傳播的影響,大家也減少了很任何社交活動。今天有幸和James兄共進早餐,足之證明我倆已是生死之交。

James and I met today because we were collecting the sanitising supplies donated by our member Arati Limbu who runs the baby supplies store in Central, Baby Basics and my good neighbour Yin Yan Kwan who manages Popa Classroom! They are the first to support us on this!

事實上今天和James見面主要是因為去收集物資捐給有需要的少數族裔家庭。感謝Baby Basics的Arati 和 好鄰居 Popa 教室的Yin Yan 第一時間伸出援手捐出兒童口罩、酒精搓手液及圖書給少數族裔家庭的小朋友。

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is proud to help promote and collect materials donation to support ethnic minority community in Hong Kong – an initiative led by Rolling Books, People Service Centre and WEDO GLOBAL!

The Ability to help is Empowering. 施比受更有福!

香港創業媽媽很榮幸能支持由Rolling Books民社服務中心WEDO GLOBAL牽頭發起的一項目,支持香港少數族裔社區的物質捐贈!

For more details on how you can support with materials or monetary donation, please see post:-

Call for Donation Materials for the EM communities (Details in English below)




由於近期疫情關係,Rolling Books、 民社服務中心 (People Service Centre)及WEDO GLOBAL將原定的社區故事計劃,增添抗疫及抵抗逆境元素,更適切協助我們服務社區內的少數族裔家庭。面對疫症向社區爆發的可能,我們聽到少數族裔家庭反映其抗疫用品的不足,甚至有一家八口的家庭只剩下七個口罩的情況。故此,我們決定按社區的需要重整,為土瓜灣和海麗邨的少數族裔家庭收集抗疫用品,同時也不忘初衷,繼續為少數族裔小孩提供學習中文機會。



  1. 口罩(全新一盒或獨立包裝)(成人、小童皆可)
  2. 消毒搓手液
  3. 即棄月經用品 (全新或獨立包裝)
  4. 適合5-10歲兒童的中文繪本或圖書(歡迎二手圖書)



  1. 罐頭食物(只限素食或清真食品)
  2. 全新的中文繪本或圖書,適合5-10歲兒童,每冊有十本或以上。


A) 民社海麗兒童發展中心
地址:荔枝角海麗邨海雅樓地下 民社海麗兒童發展中心
收集時間:2:00pm-6:00pm (周一至周五)
捐贈物資前請聯絡:黎小姐 2319 2627 或inbox
民社海麗兒童發展中心 PSCHK Hoi Lai Children Development Centre

B) WEDO Global
地址:香港柴灣柴灣道 238 號青年廣場3樓306室 Wedo Global
收集時間:10:30am-5:30pm (周一至周六)

C) Rolling Books
地址:香港九龍旺角西洋菜南街2A-2H號銀城廣場25樓The Wave
收集時間:9:00am-6:00pm (周一至周五)
捐贈物資前請聯絡:莊先生 3896 5010 或inbox Rolling Books



同時,我們也接受捐款資助,所有〔滾動對話——抗逆篇〕籌得款項都會用作購買物資,機構不會收取行政費。「民社服務中心有限公司」是《稅務條例》(第112章) 第88條獲豁免繳稅的慈善機構(註冊號:91/6620)。〔超過100元的捐款可作認可慈善捐款,可作稅項扣除。請提供收據姓名及聯絡資料〕


1) 直接存入「民社服務中心有限公司」的中國銀行戶口﹕012-552-00029223


2) 把支票抬頭請填上﹕「民社服務中心有限公司」或「People Service Centre Limited」,郵寄到:石硤尾邨19座平台206-208室 民社服務中心[請指明款項為「滾動對話——抗逆篇」]。



收集到的物資,會由我們的職員及義工朋友,捐贈到民社服務中心及WEDO Global服務的少數族裔家庭手上。

Rolling Books的故事義工也會為小朋友錄製講故事影片,講述與公共衛生相關的繪本,也會加強從繪本故事學習中文的內容。因此,我們特別希望出版機構捐出全新的圖書多冊,方便我們集中製作有關講故事影片,增加學習誘因。故事義工培訓由Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK 香港中文大學尤努斯社會事業中心支持。

此項目〔滾動對話——抗逆篇〕由Rolling Books、民社服務中心 (People Service Centre)、WEDO GLOBAL合辦,得到Happeriod、Free Periods HK、Paint in Sense Art Studio 藝術本子及Ungoogoo故事館協助。因應疫情,項目暫定進行至2020年6月30日,而籌款的財務簡報會於項目完結後三十天內公佈。



[Rolling Dialogue- Resilience edition]

Originally, Rolling Books, 民社服務中心 (People Service Centre) and WEDO GLOBAL have been planning to conduct a series of picture book storytelling activities with the ethnic minority (EM) communities in the neighbourhood of Hoi Lai Estate and To Kwa Wan. Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we are adjusting our upcoming programs to address to the urgent needs of the communities in terms of protection materials, as well as providing learning opportunities for the EM children of the communities.

We are now collecting the following materials for the re-distribution to the EM communities.

🤝Material collection FROM individual:


  1. Face Masks (new box or individual package)
  2. Alcohol-based Handrub
  3. Disposable Menstrual Care Products (new pack or individual package)
  4. Second-hand picture books suitable for children age 5 to 10

🏦Material collection FROM

food industry companies / picture book publishers


  1. Cans of food (vegetarian or with halal ingredients only)
  2. Brand new picture books in Chinese with multiple copies (eg. same book ten copies or above, suitable for Age 5-10)

The above items are essential for the EM communities in the designated neighbourhood in terms of their social and religious needs.

Materials Donation can be sent to:-

A) Hoi Lai Centre, People Service Centre
Address: Room 4, G/F., Hoi Nga House, Hoi Lai Estate, Lai Chi Kok
Opening Hours for material collection: 2:00pm -6:00pm (Mon-Fri)
Please contact Ms Lai before donating materials to this location:
Tel: 2319 2627 or Inbox 民社海麗兒童發展中心 PSCHK Hoi Lai Children Development Centre

B) WEDO Global:
Address: Unit 306, 3/F, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours for material collection: 10:30am – 5:30pm (Mon-Fri)
Please register at the below form before donating materials to this location:

C) Rolling Books:
The Wave, Level 25, Ginza Plaza, 2A-2H Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opening Hours for material collection: 9:00am – 6:00pm (Mon-Fri)
Please contact Mr Chong before donating materials to this location:
Tel: 3896 5010 or inbox Rolling Books

Please contact in advance for material donation, especially for large amount donations.

💰Monetary Donation


If you would like to contribute monetary donation for our purchase of the above materials to the said community, you can arrange donations to People Service Centre (IRD Section 88: 91/6620). Donations with over $100 are tax-deductible (please provide your personal information and contact for receipt)

1) Direct Bank-in

Bank of China﹕012-552-00029223
Account Name: People Service Centre Limited
[Please email with the bank-in slip specifying the donation is for “Rolling Dialogue- Resilience edition” ]

2) Cheque payable: 「People Service Centre Limited」. Please mail to People Service Centre, Room 206-208, Block 19, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Shek Kip Mei.

[Please specify the donation is for “Rolling Dialogue- Resilience edition”]

🎁Materials Donation Process


Materials collected or purchased would be distributed to the EM communities serviced by the People Service Centre and Wedo Global, by the staff and volunteers of the organising and supporting organisations.

The storyteller team of Rolling Books is also creating online picture books storytelling videos in Cantonese, showing to the EM children in the community, enriching them with more Chinese contents for them to learn at home. Hence we are collecting brand new picture books with multiple copies, so that our team can make videos based on the same picture books when they are being distributed to the children in the community.

This program is co-organised by:

Rolling Books
民社服務中心 (People Service Centre)
with the assistance of Happeriod, Free Periods HK, Paint in Sense Art Studio 藝術本子, and Ungoogoo故事館

This storytelling portion of the program, Rolling Dialogue, is organised by Rolling Books with the support of Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK 香港中文大學尤努斯社會事業中心.

It is estimated that this “Rolling Dialogue- Resilience edition” will run until 30 June 2020. Financial breakdown of the fund would be released to the public within 30 days after the completion of the program.

“Rolling Dialogue- Resilience edition” Program Enquiries: 📧