Girl Boss Q&A: Love that lasts

The name first appeared to me on Instagram when I saw this young lady meeting all sort of people. Over time I realised that she’s a lawyer who specialises in Will drafting and she’s making it look so young and totally presenting such a taboo in Chinese culture in different perspective. In this Girl Boss Q&A, we have Amy Kwan of Good Wills.

Established in Hong Kong, Good Wills truly believes that “everyone is entitled to have a Will” and is endeavoured to promote this concept to the world. Allowing every person the right to have a say in where their assets should go and to let their love last – this is how and why Good Wills is founded.

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”

Marc Anthony

1. What inspired you to start your business?是什麼驅使你創業?

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”- inspired me to start my business. It is always my dream to become an entrepreneur, to be able to do what I love through running my own business.

When I was working as a corporate lawyer, I gained the experience in how to run a company. Through the due diligence work I conducted on companies,and through speaking with founders and directors of successful listed companies, I got to understand the entire operation of a company and how to make a business successful, which had strengthened my desire to start my business.

「如果您熱愛自己的工作,那麼您將永遠無法有一天工作」是啟發我創業的格言。 成為企業家,能夠通過經營自己的事業來實踐我的理想是我一直夢寐以求的。

當我擔任事務律師時,我學會當我擔任公司律師時,我獲得瞭如何運營公司的經驗。 通過對公司進行的盡職調查工作,以及與成功上市公司的創始人和董事交談,我了解了公司的整個運營以及如何使企業成功,這增強了我創辦公司的願望。

2. Was there any breakthrough in between being female and your business life? 作為女性和當老闆之間有沒有什麼突破?

Legal profession has always been a male dominant industry when it comes to being at the top of the corporate ladder. Similarly, in entrepreneurship, it is usually considered as ‘the man’s job” as men is usually perceived as the more courageous ones. Even so, I successfully obtained my solicitor’s qualifications in both Hong Kong and Queensland, and with the support of my family, have successfully founded my company, Good Wills.

當要成為公司高層時,法律職業一直是男性的主導產業。 同樣,在企業家精神中,它通常被認為是“男人的工作”,因為人們通常認為男人比較勇敢。 即便如此,我還是成功地獲得了香港和昆士蘭州的律師資格,並在家人的支持下成功建立了我的公司Good Wills。

It’s not easy for a female to be in legal field and have her own firm

3. How to balance between family and business? 怎樣同時兼顧家庭和工作?

This is something that I believe anyone who is doing business finds challenging and hard to seek the balance in between. Afterall, there are times when you do need to pay more attention in your business, especially when something unexpected happened, which makes it easy for you to forget about your family. What I usually do, and I’m still learning the discipline to do it, is to plan my schedule weekly, depending on the meetings and workload that I have for the week, and ensure that I have set aside at least a few hours daily, to spend time with my family. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible; it really depends if you have the determination to do it.

我相信這是做生意的人發現的挑戰,很難在兩者之間尋求平衡。 畢竟,有時候您確實需要在業務中多加註意,尤其是在發生意外情況時,這很容易使您忘記家人。 我通常要做的是,我每週仍在學習紀律,這是根據我本週的會議和工作量每週計劃我的日程安排,並確保我每天至少留出幾個小時 ,和我的家人在一起。 我堅信沒有什麼是不可能的。 這實際上取決於您是否有決心去做。

4. How would you like your child(ren) see your business? 你希望你的孩子怎樣看待你的生意?

The business that I’m in now – Will writing and estate planning, is not only about passing on the assets of those who passed away, but also about passing on their love to their loved ones. I find this a very meaningful business and I hope that my passion will continue to inspire everyone around me to make their first move towards succession planning for the sake of their loved ones.

我現在從事的業務 — 遺囑草擬和財產規劃,不僅涉及將去世者的資產轉移出去,而且還涉及將他們的愛傳遞給親人。 我發現這是一項非常有意義的業務,我希望我的熱情將繼續激發我周圍的每個人為親人而朝著繼任計劃邁出第一步。

5. How does it help your business when you are a woman ? 作為一位女性,在創業過程中有沒有幫助?

I am a person who believes in gender equality, and in most people’s eyes, being an entrepreneur managing a business is still a male dominated rolein the 21st century. That actually helps with my case, as people are more curious and usually ask me the reason of my entrepreneurship and more specifically, why a Will writing business. On top of that, as a woman in this business, my clients have greater empathy and common understanding when I speak about the importance and impact of having a Will, and some other important arrangements such as the appointment of guardians for their children and the Enduring Power of Attorney.

我是一個堅信性別平等的人,並且在大多數人的眼中,創業仍然是21世紀男性主導的角色。 這實際上對我的情況有所幫助,因為人們更加好奇,通常會問我創止的原因,更具體地說是為什麼寫遺囑。 最重要的是,作為一名從事這項業務的女性,我的客戶在談到遺囑的重要性和影響以及其他一些重要的安排例如為其子女任命監護人和 授權書。

6. What are your stress relievers? 你是怎樣舒減壓力?

I enjoy doing sports at my leisure time for both my physical and mental health. In addition, I love dancing, which has become my favourite leisure activity since I was four.

為了享受身心健康,我喜歡在業餘時間做運動。 此外,我喜歡跳舞,自四歲起就成為我最喜歡的休閒活動。

If you like to learn more about Amy and her business, visit her website.
若有興趣了解更多有關 Amy及她的業務,可以遊覽網頁

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