#StrongerTogether – Decoding of Essential Oil

Schools in Hong Kong will resume classes in stages as soon as the middle of this month. Both children and parents must be excited and nervous. In recent years, essential oils and aromatherapy (that is, aromatherapy) have become popular. Due to the epidemic, negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, pessimism, depression and fear have beenContinue reading “#StrongerTogether – Decoding of Essential Oil”

Mothers Wanted for Focus Groups

From Empathy to Gratitude is theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2021/22 to demonstrate that empathy and gratitude as traits commonly found in mothers can be the quality making mothers better leaders not only at home but also at workplaces and the community. “Do mothers make better leaders at work?” We would like to inviteContinue reading “Mothers Wanted for Focus Groups”