Moms4Moms 2022 Opening Ceremony Highlights

Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2022 had been launched and our opening ceremony was hosted in Dream Impact on 17 September. Lena Wong, Founder and Executive Director of Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, gave us an opening speech and introduced our 2022 Moms4Moms fellows and mentors to the audience. She also presented  a welcome gift ‘Back to School’ GNLContinue reading “Moms4Moms 2022 Opening Ceremony Highlights”

Moms4Moms 2022 Opening Ceremony

You are cordially invited to join Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs’ Moms4Moms Fellowship Program 2022 Opening Ceremony.   This will be the kick off for this year fellowship program and we are honoured to invite alumni fellows, mentors and successful entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journey.    We will also have a chance to feature some of ourContinue reading “Moms4Moms 2022 Opening Ceremony”