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2020年3月 | 香港中華總商會 <<Vision 商薈>>

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, and it’s hard to be a mom. But to be a momtrepreneur – ie, a mom entrepreneur – is even harder. How does the bilingual platform “Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs” provide training, activities, and promote entrepreneurial spirit among its members, and even work alongside people from all walks of life to advocate policies on women’s empowerment and the family? 創業難,做媽媽也難,要成為創業媽媽更是難上加難。雙語平台“香港創業媽媽”如何為會員提供培訓和活動、推動創業精神,甚至與各界合作倡導有關賦予婦女權力和家庭的政策?

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2020年5月11日 | 風新聞

【創業媽媽】機構培育全職媽媽做「實習生」 創辦人:全職媽是珍貴人力資源


May 4, 2020 | The Loop HK

Hot Seat: Lena Wong of HK Momtrepreneurs on mothers in business

Our Founder Lena takes the hot seat and tells The Loop HK what it’s like to be a parent and a businesswoman in Hong Kong, all at the same time.

2019年11月21日 | 香港蘋果日報
【Video Talk|全職媽vs在職媽 】媽媽們想小本創業? 教你低成本打響名堂

Video Talk 全職媽vs在職媽
題目:媽媽們想小本創業? 教你低成本打響名堂日期
場地讚助:Baby Basics Hong Kong

2019年11月3日 | 風新聞


2019年10月31日 | 香港蘋果日報
【Video Talk全職媽vs在職媽】全職媽想創業 必須要懂的法律知識

Video Talk 全職媽vs在職媽
題目:全職媽想創業 必須要懂的法律知識

2019年10月17日 | 香港蘋果日報
【Video Talk|全職媽vs在職媽 】全職媽想創業 應從何開始?

Video Talk 全職媽vs在職媽
題目:全職媽想創業 應從何開始?

March 25, 2019 | South China Morning Post 

[Society] Hong Kong NGO leadership programme nurtures social service network for the future

“It is zero either way: you’re totally out of the game, or you’re 24/7 on the job,” Wong said of her career in finance.

2018年11月23日 | AM730
【FAMILY 】創業媽親子開檔


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Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is the first non profit organization in Hong Kong supporting busy mothers to continue with their ventures. We empower women to have the achievement and self fulfilment in balancing their families, careers and community via entrepreneurship and mentorship. For more about Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, please visit

香港創業媽媽是香港首個支援媽媽繼續追尋理想的非牟利團體。我們希望透過給予婦女學習創業,兼 顧家庭事業和社區服務的生活,從而獲得自主獨立的能力。要了解更多有關香港創業媽媽的資料請瀏 覽 ​


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