Boss Mom Q&A: Painting from the heart

When you meet Abigail, you would be amazed by her cheerful smile.  If you see her paint, you would be impressed by her talent. A mother of a lovable boy started Abigail’s Face and Body Art which specializes in fun, fast, high quality and hygienic face painting for all types of  events in Hong Kong. She covers face painting, glitter bar and bling, temporary tattoos for parties to body painting and extreme makeup in festivals, corporate events and photo shoots. Hear what this Boss Mom has to share about the love of her life:

當你第一次見到Abigail,你會牢牢記住她的陽光氣息。當你見到她繪畫,也會被她的才華深深吸引着。這一位母親創辦了 Abigail’s Face and Body Art 專注為香港各大小活動提供高質素的面部繪畫服務。現在就讓我們聽聽這一位創媽的故事:

Q: What inspired you to start your business? 是什麼驅使你創業?

A: I have always  loved painting and working with children, I switched from being an art TEACHER to children to a face painter after a knee operation and soon after I realized that running my own face painting business was a great option  as a single mum without helper.


Q. Was there any breakthrough in between your motherhood and your business life? 當母親和當老闆之間有沒有什麼突破?

A: Yes there was a definite breakthrough when I became a mum. I started to take face painting more seriously other than just a side job or hobby so I could provide for my son at the same time taking care of him myself. Under certain circumstances you are pushed to make things happen, the sense of responsibility is enormous after I became a mum and  and my son has been my motivation since then. He is almost 3 years old now I am still mesmerized by the amount of determination and drive he brings into my life. It is also important to be a great role model by pursing what I really love to do and make a living out of it. Nothing is better than being your own boss and be able to spend a great amount of time with your children.

Q: How to balance between family and business? 怎樣同時兼顧家庭和工作?

A: While having a strong sense of urgency to get things done  I make the time to have a nice walk or good play with my son every morning and afternoon. With a toy rotation system in place he is entertained while I am working from home. We also have a day out on regular basis which both him and I love doing together. Other days he might feel like he needs more attention, which is normal for a 3 year-old, in this case I would sleep less at night to get ten things done rather than trying to get one thing done very slowly during the day. In FACT, evening is the most productive period so I try to get as much things done at night and be a good mum during the day. We also try to make the most fun out of running errands and doing housework. I am really glad that he loves getting his face painted which means I could practice my skills and he gets to have fun at the same time.


Q:  How would you like your child(ren) see your business? 你希望你的孩子怎樣看待你的生意?

A: I would like to show him that we can pursue what we love to do and make a living out of it so one day he would pursue what he loves too.


Q: How does it help your business when you are a mother? 作為一位母親,在創業過程中有 沒有幫助?

A: Other parents definitely trust you more with their children and it makes it effortless to entertain other children whenever I am working with kids!

Q: Life as a mom is hectic enough, adding a business in the picture makes it even better, so how do you relax? 當媽媽已經很辛苦,再加上把你自己的生意當然是苦上加苦。你是怎 樣舒減壓力?

A: My time without work are the moments that I can provide undivided attention to my son, that is relax time for me and I enjoy every second of it. I rarely have a chance to be on my own unless I’m working so having a 15 minute shower is a treat for me.  Painting also helps to keep me sane and great for improving my skills for bookings!


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