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If you know Chhin, you know what I mean. This mother is full of energy and has a real passion on her venture – Little Monkey which is a free website and first directory for child-friendly facilities in Hong Kong with over 400+ facilities in categories of nursing and changing rooms, playgrounds and parks, and child-friendly restaurants with new categories coming soon. Children learn the best from going out, seeing the world and interacting with other children as kids should be free to be kids. Little Monkey hopes to build a community where our combined shared knowledge of child-friendly facilities and reviews about these places can help parents have an easier time going out with their little monkeys. Let’s talk to Chhin about her big dreams:

認識Chhin的朋友一定沒辦法忘記她的能量;正是這股力量助她成立了Little Monkey這一個免費香港兒童友好設施的指南網站,列出超過400多種設施,包括嬰兒護理室,遊樂場和公園,以及即將推出新類別的兒童餐廳。孩子們看到外面世界和其他孩子互動中學到是最好的東西,因為孩子應該自由地成長。Little Monkey希望建立一個社區,融合我們對兒童友好設施的共享知識和評論可以幫助父母更容易與他們的小猴子一起外出活動。一起和Chhin談談她的故事:

Q: What inspired you to start your business?是什麼驅使你創業?

A: I had an unfortunate event when my daughter was 9 months old where I could not find a place to breastfeed her. That’s what sparked the idea of a directory where parents can easily find breastfeeding facilities but also other needed child-friendly facilities when out and about.


Q: Was there any breakthrough in between your motherhood and your business life?


A: I’ve always wanted to start my own business but not just any business as I mostly just wanted to help people. So it’s pretty amazing that being a mother led me to an issue that I am able to find a solution for to help other parents.


Q: How to balance between family and business? 怎樣同時兼顧家庭和工作?

A: For me, family always come first so I am very lucky that my business is intertwined with my family. I can take my daughters on outings where I am also doing the research and legwork for the business.


Q: How would you like your child(ren) see your business?


I want my daughter to see that her mother is a strong and intelligent woman from a long line of strong women who helps other. I want her to be proud and also be inspired by what I do today to make a future for herself to help others as well. I know I sound like a “Pollyanna” sometimes but life is already harsh enough with what’s happening around us and being a parent so why not do something to help each other?


Q: How does it help your business when you are a mother?


A: Little Monkey is all about helping parents so being a parent is essential as I can see what works, what does not work, and what is important for a parent from our viewpoint.

Little Monkey就是幫助父母,所以為人母親的我當然知道什麼是有效,什麼是無效,以及對父母來說什麼是重要的。

Q: Life as a mom is hectic enough, adding a business in the picture makes it even better, so how do you relax?


A: Family and friends are very important in helping me stay motivated and grounded and also helping me bounce off ideas. This really motivates and at the same time relaxes me knowing that I have their support. In addition, I love to read and do hobbies so will try to take time to squeeze a bit in to relax. For instance, reading on the train ride to appointments or doing some knitting while she’s napping.


Q: What do you love most about what you do now for Little Monkey?

現在你最喜歡為Little Monkey做什麼?

A: The positive responses that I received from every parent and the light bulb that goes off whenever I’ve introduce LM so far, is so inspiring. The creativity and ideas of how to keep innovating LM, and knowing that I am helping others. In addition, pushing for a better experience when going out with the little ones so that parents can consistently create precious memories. Guess there’s a lot of love about my role in starting Little Monkey!


Q: Tell us more about Little Monkey new plans for 2019?

告訴我們Little Monkey2019年的新計劃?

A: We hope to increase the amount of facilities in these 3 categories along with adding a Shopping and Special categories to help parents out. We know how hard it is to find essential or gift items for kids so why not have a directory of not just places we know but also online mom and pop websites selling items that we would love?


To learn more Chhin’s Little Monkey, visit her website:

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