How childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in HK 生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響

In collaboration with Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs and JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Women in Business would like to invite you to complete a 5 minutes survey. The survey is in hope to explore how childbirth affects employment and career progression of women in Hong Kong.

聯同香港創業媽媽以及香港女青年商會合作,香港科技大學 Women in Business 現正誠邀閣下用5分鐘時間完成以下問卷。本調查希望了解生育子女對香港女性就業及事業發展的影響。

According to 2019 statistics from Legislative Council, labour force participation rate (LFPR) of women with a child aged 0-14 was only 56.6% which is a significant drop from 79.4%. Since then with COVID-19, mothers have been encountering more challenges than ever. The purpose of this survey is to understand potential mother/ mothers’ needs. With your participation, it greatly helps us to gain more insight for us to truly understand the core problem, hence to find the best way to solve it.


To follow up with the survey finding, we would also like to invite you to join our upcoming “Mother’s Festival”, to Regain power on balancing different roles in life; to be Re-energized with mind-body calming workshops and to Rediscover passion and get new inspirations from interesting life-skill seminars. You are also invited to join our pledge signing to encourage the government and employer to be involved in creating a caring and understanding working environment to empower mothers to progress in the workforce.

若果閣下有興趣了解調查結果,你亦可參加我們於五月份舉辦的 Mother’s Festival。你亦可參與稍後的企業約章簽署儀式,推動女性自主及自強不息的精神。

For more details on us: 欲知詳情:
– JCI Hong Kong Jaycettees香港女青年商會:
– 2021 Care & Dare Project – “Stand By Moms, Always” 2021年敢想敢做 – 《媽媽愛挑戰· 伴妳同行》
- Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs 香港創業媽媽:
– Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 香港科技大學- Women in Business:

Should you have any question regarding the use of this survey, suggestions or seek for partnership, please email or WhatsApp us at 9248 4861.
如閣下對這份調查有任何疑問或意見,有興趣尋求合作,請以電郵方式聯絡 或 WhatsApp 9248 4861

Date collection: May 1 to May 31, 2021

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